Just got redhat running in a vm on in !!! Not the first time I've run a vm in bhyve, but every time I do it just makes me so excited and leaves me in awe. I couldn't write something like this in a million years.

@frostygoth Would you let me know how you created the vm for bhyve? Is reading the official manual enough for that? Thanks!

@suguru Definitely! I'll send you an update today after work! I think if you read through the handbook you could do it on your own. The only part that I stumbled on was the GRUB2 configuration.

@suguru So I finally got the networking set up on bhyve so that it works with my wireless interface. I had to nat it with PF but then end result is nice and easy to scale out as I add more VMs in the future. Do you use PF on your FreeBSD box?

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