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With starting up I would like to know some of the projects participants are working on. I'm going to iterate on some of the features of [MDS Cloud]( What awesome projects are you guys working on?

@klanders Welcome to Fosstodon! It's a great community. Glad to have you here 🙂

@xpoverdrive Welcome! I've found this community to be so much more accepting and inclusive than the twitter ecosystem.

@rsnhk I'm a bit late here but I really like Joplin. You can paste images in and use markdown to format your notes. Also, there's a search feature and tagging so you can use those to further organize y our notesbooks and all that.

@brandon Oh man... Hard one here....


I mainly pick these because they are my daily drivers. Ubuntu on my desktop, Pop for my work VM and Alpine for all the container/docker work I do.

I didn't realize was a thing either.

I'm Frito! 👋 My wife and friends even call me that even though it's not my given name. I'm a linux dabbler since 2k turned linux desktop user in 2019.

I'm also a software engineer by trade with my current main languages as Node, Python and C#. The bad / good news depending how you view it is I'm a git/vim guy. I mainly lurk here since I don't have much to post but I still ❤️ the community!

@kev For what it's worth here's a "git cheatsheet" I constructed for my co-workers when teaching them how to use git from the terminal. It assumes you're working with a fork against an upstream so there are parts you can ignore. It still may provide some value 🙂

Happy Learning!

@kev Man. I'm sorry you feel that way about git. I personally love git but I don't use it integrated with an IDE. I'm a terminal purist I guess. I have coworkers that use it with VSCode though and don't have issues. Maybe it's just the ATOM integration and not git itself? :-)

@phabe Same here. Been lurking about a week :-) Welcome!


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