I want to host a photo gallery to share with family. What are some of your favorite options? Having a modern design is a plus.

I have never owned anything other than printers from HP until now! The HP
is ordered!! @system76 @pop_os_official

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System76 has collaborated with HP to bring Pop!_OS to a wider audience! The HP Dev One comes with Pop!_OS preinstalled and fast components like an 8-Core AMD RyzenTM 7 APU to help you complete development in a flash! Find out more: hpdevone.com/

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I find implementing the basics of a web app (auth, emails, admin panel) so boring that I rarely make it past those steps for personal apps. To fix that, I picked up Petal Pro (petal.build/) for what I think was a steal at $299 for unlimited sites. Let’s hope this helps push me through those road blocks of motivation/interest!

Pipewire made my audio experience on Linux immensely better! @system76 @pop_os_official

Brewing some cold brew for my mornings since I can’t have my usual cup of coffee after I wake up. Let’s hope it’s smooth and easy on the stomach!

Is it still possible to get a decent low-end dedicated box for < $50 USD, no atom processors, must be x86_64.

Working my way through Beginner Tailwind so I can build products that actually look good!


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US politics 

I think that people who aren't paying close attention don't realize that the problem in the USA is NOT that we "can't do anything about guns" or "can't do anything about the Pandemic" or "can't do anything about police violence"...


Not anything that requires legislation, anyway, because we have a corporate-engineered Congressional GRIDLOCK, due to the way campaign finance (i.e. BRIBES) have been used to completely scuttle our Congress.

Welcome Oklahoma! To the list of states I'll never live in, the list is growing faster than I imagined. I wish everyone would stop pushing their beliefs on others!

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Updating gitea brings back memories of slower internet connections 😆 This happens to be a VPS from Digital Ocean

@system76 open source firmware puts the Darter Pro ahead of the Framework. Does anyone know if the Framework laptop will ever support coreboot ?

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The Framework laptop updated for the 12th gen intel processors and you can upgrade your first edition! This has me torn between a @system76 laptop and now the framework laptop.

@system76 is bringing out an updated Darter Pro next month. I cannot wait for a portable workstation 😀

LineageOS or Calyxos ? Also is the Pro version of the Pixel 6 worth it? Hard to stomach these prices!

The `replay` functionality of ngrok is invaluable when writing endpoints to process webhooks 😍

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Finland's parliament has approved the NATO application with an absolute landslide of a vote: 188 to 8!



Digital Ocean is raising their prices, the hacker news crowd is up in arms. Electricity and hardware costs have skyrocketed, along with inflation for employees (higher pay). Welcome to the new world, I doubt DO is the only provider to raise prices.

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