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Anyone got suggestions for some FOSS that would be worthwhile to listen to? 📻

🌱✨Tove, The Weather Witch✨🌱
‘Water and a little sunshine, that’s all you need to grow’

#fantasyart #originalcharacter #illustration #oc #witches #mastoart #art #artwork

Speaking about #RFC1984 I'm incredibly stoked to be giving a presentation at #HOPE2020 on Sunday about #RFC1984 and the Greek Mythology that inspired it. RFC 1984 - or Why You Should Start Worrying About Encryption Backdoors and Mass Data Collection
I'll also be asking How do we slay the Hydra of mass surveillance?
One of the ways I would say to slay the Hydra is to check out the excellent talks that are happening this week at Hope!

"Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects"

Maybe we'll get to see more stars at night as a result of this as well?

Feeling better today than yesterday (no headache and I got better sleep than I have in a while) but I'm still not 100%, so more sketches today.

This is my design for Florimel, a vampire from James Branch Cabell's's satirical novel Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice. When Jurgen is sentenced to go to "the Hell of his fathers," he meets a nice vampire woman who was vacationing there. She brutally murders men, as is her nature, but she's perfectly pleasant the rest of the time.

Southland Brown, space smuggler, is an original character heavily inspired by the Northwest Smith character created by C.L. Moore. He'll have a small part in the Mars storyline, which will follow the Paris one. My conception of him is that the Eldritch Abominations he's encountered throughout his career have compounded to give him severe PTSD which he suppresses with the Martian drug Mnemoka.

My silly week recap is belatedly out:

Lots of good stuff happening all around!

Featured Blender-powered artwork by YotaKa.

New 3D for the Fairy Tale challenge on Sketchfab ✨
Inspired by the tale of the Twelve Wild Ducks and by late 19th century storybook illustrations.

🦆 🦆

#blender #b3d #3dart

Found this really neat terminal dashboard visualizer thing. It has different graphs and charts and stuff that you can configure to show different things. Its as simple as specifying a few parameters and giving it a shell command in the yaml config file. This is just the kind of terminal dashboard I've been looking for.

streaming starting now! live at nudge nudge. come join me?

🍂 I'm enhancing old artworks for a special artbook project: tweaking color for CMYK, adding bleeds, painting more details and resizing them for my desktop publishing in Scribus. It's a long process but very rewarding. Here is one of my fav with a new background:

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