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Cool, followed! I want to trim some of the bloat from my current Hugo theme. readable.css looks like a great tool to build a site around.

Writer’s Block is when all the imaginary people in your head refuse to speak with you.

@bs I hope you favoriting this doesn’t mean you think it’s a bad software idea. ;)

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Freedom to Write's first project, readable.css, just reached v1.0.0 and is ready for production use!


Take a look at the demo page and consider giving it a spin; it's remarkably easy! Be sure to show us what you make with it!

Feedback, issue reports, and boosts are all appreciated. :)

@Graycot @benjaminhollon Not sure yet, we'll see! My first project for it is almost at v1.0: readable-css.freedomtowrite.or

The current project in the planning stage is a novel editor, and I also want to make an online submission system for literary magazines and people needing a similar solution. We'll see how it goes.

I would like to do something blogging-related, but I'm not sure yet what. I'm hoping to get community input on a lot of my project ideas, which I'm working on setting up a system for.

@fullstackthaumaturge Yeah, I get that; I've just been learning Vim myself, but for novels in it I use an extension to Markdown that's my own design (I'm working on a spec for it). Knowing there are great editors out there is why I specified "dedicated" novel editors. :)

FOSS Novel Editor recommendation: @novelwriter

While there are a couple bits of the workflow that aren't my favorite, novelWriter is definitely the best dedicated novel editor I've seen in the world of FOSS.

Check it out at novelwriter.io!

@proactiveservices Thanks! And I love the addition.

This account is run by @benjaminhollon, so I’m not entirely new here. :)

What better way to start off an account than with a somewhat-relevant meme?

This is one of my all-time favorites. I actually used it for my application essay to Texas A&M's University Honors program. (I got in; they must have liked it.)

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