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Call for Proposals is open! We welcome new speakers! We're looking for tech talks, culture talks, performance art and, of course, FLOSS topics :).

Talks are 20 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A

#SeaGL will once again hold office hours if you'd like some help or encouragement for your talk proposals, every Wednesday at noon Pacific between July 22 and August 19

cfp closes August 19th

SeaGL is November 13th - 14th

#cfp #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #OfficeHours

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Our Director of Community Operations is leaving us to be the Interim General Manager at the Open Source Initiative. We'll miss her, but wish her luck in the new role!

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"Building Ethical Software Under Capitalism" with Deb Nicholson, our Director of Community Operations, from last week's excellent #GUADEC is up, thanks Gnome!

It's apparently green bean week here. We got two big bags of two different kinds in our farm share. I'm gonna need some more green bean recipes?

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I want to get this back on federated TL.

I want you to have safety gear for protesting and if you can't afford it or find mutual aid groups to provide it I will pay for it. Please DM me, we can talk on Briar if you're more comfortable with that.

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Our Director of Community Operations @freedeb presents at Guadec today "Let's Have Great Meetings!" at 1:15 ET/17:15 UTC. See you there!

New laptop day is surprisingly like an actual moving day in terms of all the feels, but without any of the dust.

Today's farm share is massive. So many vegetables and a bunch of rhubarb!

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Our member project, Git, will add a feature for users to choose the initial branch name via git init. More in the announcement:

And if after looking back, you'd like to spend a little time looking forward, this short story by NK Jemisin is excellent.

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Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2020!

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line via Big Blue Button!

The CFP is open through July 8 at:

We invite proposals for birds of a feather topics and 30- 60 minute talks related to ActivityPub. Register online ( or feel free to email us with questions ( )

#apconf2020 #activitypubconf

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Yay! The CFP for ActivityPub Conf 2020 is live! (A virtual conference this year, for obvious reasons!)

See @mlemweb's post for more details!

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During this week's chat Molly de Blanc will be leading a discussion on "How is racism a free software issue?" We hope you'll join us for an honest and constructive session at 2pm ET/6pm UTC on Thursday.

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Today at 2pm ET/6pm UT: instead of licensing or copyleft this week, we'll be discussing how to dismantle systemic racism in free software. #conservancy on freenode,


Also? Why isn't all JSTOR's stuff free anyway? I'm sick of all these brands that are using an uprising to be all, "Don't forget us! We made our twitter profile a square for a day and our CEO said he abhors racism!" ...even though we haven't hired a Black person for a non-janitorial role in two years.

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JSTOR has made a bunch of material about institutionalized racism free which is nice... but I would also like to see an apology from them for being willing to use the police state to destroy a young person's life for the alleged theft of *digital* property.

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Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

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