If I'd have to pin down exactly when my love for electronic music got started, I believe it goes back to the early '80s, that first time Oxygene CD sneaked into our home player.

A musical point of no return.


AFAIK the very first purely electronic record was "popcorn".

@fredl99 I'm sure that's not been day 1 for electronic music, just my personal one

I didn't mean to teach you.
Because you said you believe, it jumped into my memory. I thought you might have forgotten this one.
Of course Equinoxe V was a milestone by itself. The Moog synthesizer brought us a revolution.

@fredl99 I said I believe because I was too young so I can't pinpoint something like that very precisely, probably I was 3 or 4 years old at that point, hard to say for sure.

Thanks for the recommendations by the way, I'll dig into those soon enough.


Then popcorn might be a bit older than you. Here it is: discogs.com/de/The-Pop-Corn-Ma
(showing the way we used to listen to music in the old days)

@fredl99 cool stuff, I admit I've never heard it before. I'm not *that* young either, turntables were still around and there was quite some vinyl in my house (Pink Floyd, Phil Collins and Bob Marley between my favourites back then) but when the CD player arrived (as big and heavy as a small luggage) Oxygene kind of stole the scene

I remember it was a real blockbuster when it came out, because that kind of music was unknown until then. It was heard almost everywhere. I've got the 45 from my aunt for birthday. I can't remember which, but must have been 1972 according to the link above.
When synthesized music became usual it eventually disappeared. Now you reminded me. 👍

@fredl99 given the recently announced Daft Punk retirement this one also fits remarkably well with the current thread's topic


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