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After my friend said to me, "even talking about the weather is political now" (referencing climate change) got me thinking, what is not political now? 😅

I would love to see it become trendy to reconstruct old combustion cars into electric vehicles… ⚡ Imagine the speed and acceleration!! 🏎

Like a trashed Soviet Lada 4×4 (Lada Niva) or something… Imagine the looks people will give in an intersection, when a Lada just does 0-100 in <3 seconds or something else crazy! 🤣

Also if it is geared for acceleration, at the cost of some top speed maybe. 🤔

What makes Factorio my favorite game, is not so much the game itself, it is however, the amazing developers who share their knowledge and wisdom. 😅 I also quite enjoy the community, which of course also has a ton of coders/developers in it haha. 🤣 🏭 :terminal:

Also, I have set my background wallpaper to an all black image. This both for the home screen and lock screen. 😅

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OLED really is the best feature for a "dark mode enthusiast" like myself! 😅👍

@frederikstroem @mike we have discussed this a few times, but we always decide against it. Purely because it’s yet another thing for Mike and I to manage. We already have the hosting, email, Liberapay, stripe, PayPal and god knows what else. So we’re reluctant to add yet more things to manage.

@kev @mike Will donating to Fosstodon using cryptocurrency eventually be supported? :fosstodon: :monero: :bitcoin: 🙂

Just wanted to throw that out there. 😅
Some people seem to confuse it anyway though. 😥

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The ultimate goal is to one day be able to call myself a
Computer Wiz. 🤣

Glad i found PulseEffects, it satisfies my sometimes urgent need for extreme levels of bass. 🔥🔊

No matter how much superior human intelligence are compared to animals. In the end, humans are also just exactly that, animals.
Have a nice day. :)

A really cool :fosstodon: optical character recognition tool.
"A Gtk/Qt front-end to tesseract-ocr."

I am certain that open-sourcing :opensource: software makes it inherently more secure, at least for projects with enough public eyes and white-hats looking for vulnerabilities. Probably also reduces code complexity, could potentially also mean documentation of higher quality. :fosstodon: :tux:

Currently wondering if using Syncthing to sync dotfiles is a viable solution. Or maybe just automate some kind of git solution. 🤔🤔🤔

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