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♥️ to the independent journalists who put their well being and/or life on the line to tell the truth. Mad respect! ☺️✌️

If it weren't for the OpenRazer project, and the driver implementations. I would just have a bunch of expensive useless LEDs. 😂

I love being able to have a problem, and then it is already solved, especielly if it is software with a FOSS license. 😄 :fosstodon: 🚀

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Me and my "young generation" is truly "Standing on the shoulders of giants" when it comes to software development and computing.
But then again, that is also how it is supposed to be. 🙂👍

Super cool that it's possible to install extensions like uBlock Origin and Dark Reader on Firefox :firefoxnew: for Android :android:. And just in general being able to add extensions on a mobile device. ☺️

The possibility of moving a lot of heavy industry to space quite fascinates me! Looking at the raw numbers of how much heavy industry pollutes, really indicates the amount of positive impact moving it could have.

The percentage of global emissions heavy industry contributes is about 21 to 22 percent by what I found. A report linked by states 21 percent in 2010. The report:

Dedicating up to 20 GB of ram to /tmp is insance! Like a Tesla P100D, but for /tmp directories... 😂 :tux: 🚀

@mike Can we have a ProtonMail custom emoji now they have become a lot more FOSS? 🙃 🚀

Now I just have to wait five days for Keybase to reset... 😭 😂

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Changed PGP key once again...
Fingerprint: 2C2B FB7D F2FE 6B5E 3C5D 4D56 DA3D C29B 92BB 0C69

I just love that Ubuntu 20.04 :ubuntu: can rock a long just fine on my soon a decade old ASUS Zenbook. 😅👍

The Internet Archive's mission is to provide "universal access to all knowledge". 📚
To that, I give one big thumbs up. 😊👍

Knowledge is a drink 🍸 best served for free, and without limitations... Or something like that. 😂

Was looking to replace my budgeting app YNAB (, with a :fosstodon: alternative, plus save the $7 a month! In these trying SARS-CoV-2 times, money is a sparse resource... 💸

And I think I found it, Firefly III ( Pretty 🔥. Just spin it up as a Docker container on my server. Plus I would really like my finances encrypted and private, so definitely an added benefit there too! But that being said, YNAB is a solid app and the community is great! 😊

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