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@mike Can we have a ProtonMail custom emoji now they have become a lot more FOSS? 🙃 🚀

Now I just have to wait five days for Keybase to reset... 😭 😂

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Changed PGP key once again...
Fingerprint: 2C2B FB7D F2FE 6B5E 3C5D 4D56 DA3D C29B 92BB 0C69

I just love that Ubuntu 20.04 :ubuntu: can rock a long just fine on my soon a decade old ASUS Zenbook. 😅👍

The Internet Archive's mission is to provide "universal access to all knowledge". 📚
To that, I give one big thumbs up. 😊👍

Knowledge is a drink 🍸 best served for free, and without limitations... Or something like that. 😂

Was looking to replace my budgeting app YNAB (, with a :fosstodon: alternative, plus save the $7 a month! In these trying SARS-CoV-2 times, money is a sparse resource... 💸

And I think I found it, Firefly III ( Pretty 🔥. Just spin it up as a Docker container on my server. Plus I would really like my finances encrypted and private, so definitely an added benefit there too! But that being said, YNAB is a solid app and the community is great! 😊

My university student meal... 😅👍 Just mix all you got. 😂

I ended up on Kubuntu 20.04 :kubuntu: because my Manjaro :manjaro: install did sadly not go as planned... 😥 But to be honest, I am really happy with my Kubuntu install. 😊

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There are currently 420 Starlink satellites in space... 🛰️ 🌐 Just an interesting fact. 😂 🚀

Glad I have my laptop for school work tomorrow still then. 😅 :kubuntu:

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I am currently sitting at my desk installing Manjaro on my main desktop computer, at 2 am friday night. 😅 :manjaro:
! Disclaimer: I have no prior Arch or Manjaro experience... :linus: :linuxmintalt: :arch:

I think Elon might have lost a couple science points... 😕

Coupled with `kdialog --msgbox "Timer alert something"`, (if on a KDE Plasma DE).

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NOOO! I just found out that the candy Super Flyers is owned by Nestlé. 😭

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