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The Internet Archive's mission is to provide "universal access to all knowledge". 📚
To that, I give one big thumbs up. 😊👍

Knowledge is a drink 🍸 best served for free, and without limitations... Or something like that. 😂

Was looking to replace my budgeting app YNAB (, with a :fosstodon: alternative, plus save the $7 a month! In these trying SARS-CoV-2 times, money is a sparse resource... 💸

And I think I found it, Firefly III ( Pretty 🔥. Just spin it up as a Docker container on my server. Plus I would really like my finances encrypted and private, so definitely an added benefit there too! But that being said, YNAB is a solid app and the community is great! 😊

My university student meal... 😅👍 Just mix all you got. 😂

I ended up on Kubuntu 20.04 :kubuntu: because my Manjaro :manjaro: install did sadly not go as planned... 😥 But to be honest, I am really happy with my Kubuntu install. 😊

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There are currently 420 Starlink satellites in space... 🛰️ 🌐 Just an interesting fact. 😂 🚀

Glad I have my laptop for school work tomorrow still then. 😅 :kubuntu:

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I am currently sitting at my desk installing Manjaro on my main desktop computer, at 2 am friday night. 😅 :manjaro:
! Disclaimer: I have no prior Arch or Manjaro experience... :linus: :linuxmintalt: :arch:

I think Elon might have lost a couple science points... 😕

Coupled with `kdialog --msgbox "Timer alert something"`, (if on a KDE Plasma DE).

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NOOO! I just found out that the candy Super Flyers is owned by Nestlé. 😭


"If the 9 V battery in the smoke detector is
about to run out, the warning signal sounds
every 43 seconds." 🤔🤔🤔 [No-flame 83198]

protonmail has become very foss
much nice, big smile ^^

If I was ever to be developing electronics, I would make it a must to have an LED toggle switch.
For instance my ASUS router which is over my bed, has this feature. Because the LEDs are nice during the day or for debugging stuff, but I do really not want them at night.

And no, tape is just stupid. Haha 😂

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