@utahcon Wow, cool! I feel like I need to go look up some projects on YouTube or something then. 😊 I also think that Tesla initially reconstructed a Mercedes-Benz C-Class for like testing and inspiration or something. Really neat stuff for sure!

@codesections It is of course not just coders who likes Factorio, my mate whom I have the most hours in the game with, is interestingly enough studying to become a smith. I could imagine that it is the engineering smarts, which also really interests him about the game. 😊

It is also most likely the way of thinking which catches engineers (including software engineers) attention I think. Really cool stuff to be honest. 😁 Also the insane stability and optimization of the game really amazes me!

I would love to see it become trendy to reconstruct old combustion cars into electric vehicles… ⚡ Imagine the speed and acceleration!! 🏎

Like a trashed Soviet Lada 4×4 (Lada Niva) or something… Imagine the looks people will give in an intersection, when a Lada just does 0-100 in <3 seconds or something else crazy! 🤣

Also if it is geared for acceleration, at the cost of some top speed maybe. 🤔

What makes Factorio my favorite game, is not so much the game itself, it is however, the amazing developers who share their knowledge and wisdom. 😅 I also quite enjoy the community, which of course also has a ton of coders/developers in it haha. 🤣 🏭 :terminal:

Also, I have set my background wallpaper to an all black image. This both for the home screen and lock screen. 😅

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OLED really is the best feature for a "dark mode enthusiast" like myself! 😅👍

@kev @mike I see, totally fair and understandable. You manage a lot already, and we are glad you do! 🙂

I just wanted to mention that Coinbase can do instant PayPal withdrawals with its' supported cryptocurrencies. So, if say you only accepted Bitcoins, then those would be rather easy to get to a PayPal account. 😊 :bitcoin:

@frederikstroem @mike we have discussed this a few times, but we always decide against it. Purely because it’s yet another thing for Mike and I to manage. We already have the hosting, email, Liberapay, stripe, PayPal and god knows what else. So we’re reluctant to add yet more things to manage.

@kev @mike Will donating to Fosstodon using cryptocurrency eventually be supported? :fosstodon: :monero: :bitcoin: 🙂

@frederikstroem I 100% agree with you! Open source projects can also be extremely beneficial to see the code structure and different solutions. You can learn a lot from what other people did.

Just wanted to throw that out there. 😅
Some people seem to confuse it anyway though. 😥

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The ultimate goal is to one day be able to call myself a
Computer Wiz. 🤣

Glad i found PulseEffects, it satisfies my sometimes urgent need for extreme levels of bass. 🔥🔊 github.com/wwmm/pulseeffects

No matter how much superior human intelligence are compared to animals. In the end, humans are also just exactly that, animals.
Have a nice day. :)

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