We have been looking out in space for so long, 🌌 🔭 expecting to find intelligent life. 🚀 🌝

When right here on earth, artificial intelligence 🤖 are probably soon™ reaching an intelligence level equal to alien life. 👽 👾

It is quite hard to describe how much better the Monero GUI have become. 🚀 :monero: :fosstodon: Really nice work!

I have an alarm set for when NASDAQ opens today... I feel old, haha! 😅

Yay, I put my new Bitcoin vanity address to its first use! 🙂 :bitcoin: 📚

@Gina I feel more European/Nordic now than ever before... Haha 😂 🇪🇺 🇩🇰

I am absolutely speechless after having watched the first three episodes of Tiger King… 🐯

I mean, Trump would probably be thinking to himself, “STOP THIS MADNESS!!!” 😅

I really have found myself installing way to many useless apps. Gotta do a cleanup in them real soon. Especially on Android, :android: so many scary spyware, insecurity stories and stuff.

With 256 GB internal storage and 2020 4G plans+high speed Wi-Fi, then it is never really too big of a problem with storage space on the phone.

@amolith Unless it is communication software. 😢 In Denmark Facebook Messenger is the go to platform, I am not too happy about that...

@nitox Yeah guess you are right. 😕 I am gonna do a server reset anyway when Ubuntu Server 20.04 launches, :ubuntu: might look into self-hosting my private repositories, :git: also for privacy reasons primarily. :fosstodon: And then just back it up offsite too. Because unless it is three backups, it's not a backup. :babyyoda:

@nitox Plus, I have GitHub Pro via my university, so there is also that... 😅

@nitox Yeah, just too lazy. xD I might look into creating a local mirror of all my GitHub repositories though.

@bonkerfield Thought exactly just to begin making backups haha. 😅 Guess it is good with a wake up call from time to time.

One thing though, what made you choose that project over this one? github.com/josegonzalez/python
Not saying it is better, just curious. 🙂

Oh no, GitHub is having quite the struggle right now. 😭 :github:

1 point for self-hosted, all my Git repositories are on GitHub. 🙁 Maybe I could do a local mirror in the future. 🤔🤔🤔 But I do self-host a lot of my other stuff though.

Was quite mad/sad about the wind today, it has been like 12 m/s all day! 😓😠

But then I thought, “Think about all the green energy being produced right now!”. And then I was quite happy continuing riding my bike again. 💨⚡⚡⚡😁

@przemo Yeah, ended up making a wire transfer to an exchange in Europe, if the transaction actually succeeds... 😒 The transaction fee was 7 €. 😫

So my bank just froze my credit card for trying to buy cryptocurrency... Apparently they have had a zero-cryptocurrency policy for a while now. :bitcoin: :monero: 😢

First time actually being denied because of crypto, really thought banks in Denmark were a little smarter. 😔

When I was younger, I was all for getting rid of dayligt saving time, but now I really cannot be without it! 🌞 😎

plz eu, i love ya, but dont take this away from me xD

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