My `ll` command have caught 🔥

`alias ll="exa -abghlUm --octal-permissions --time-style long-iso --icons"`


Listening to podcasts while calmly wiring a breadboard is great! Have done a bit for a university assignment this afternoon, a nice and chill activity for once 😅👌

↗ Me whenever I see the ”First Archive” badge on Wayback Machine.

I think this illustrates fairly good, how much music I listen to. 😅🎛️🎧🎶💽

I think my new e-mail obfuscation is quite funny haha. 😂 (Made with gimp[dot]org).

NOOO! I just found out that the candy Super Flyers is owned by Nestlé. 😭


"If the 9 V battery in the smoke detector is
about to run out, the warning signal sounds
every 43 seconds." 🤔🤔🤔 [No-flame 83198]

I have finally gotten myself a Dogecoin wallet. 😀 I have really been missing out on its greatness for way too long now!

Yay, I put my new Bitcoin vanity address to its first use! 🙂 :bitcoin: 📚

This is so great haha! 😂

"Covfefe-19" by Welino. Copenhagen, Denmark.


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