Sometimes when running spooky Linux commands, I will prepend a `#` when writing out the command. This will ensure that if accidentally hit enter, the command will just be interpreted as a comment. So something like an `rm -r` or `zfs destory` will not make me cry. 😂


Then to run the command, it is as easy as pressing `home`, `delete` and then `enter`. 😅 Only drawback is not having the bash-completion package helping me out. 😢

@frederikstroem pressing home puts you back at the beginning of the command? TIL

@Sire @frederikstroem ctrl+a does the same :) if you have enabled vim mode you can also do <esc>I ;)

@hkqd @Sire @frederikstroem I usually just configure vimode in my shell, so that I don't have to configure it into all of the terminal emulators, it's just there.

@sotolf @Sire @frederikstroem Alacritty's vi mode is different from bash's vi mode tho, providing viewport search and nav

@hkqd @Sire @frederikstroem I don't use that anyway, I just pipe things into less if I need to search it, or just use grep

@hkqd @sotolf @Sire Alacritty is great though! 😁 Recently switched to it from Terminator and am loving the speed! 💨 :rust:

@frederikstroem @hkqd @Sire Yeah, it's my main terminal as well, I like it a lot :)

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