I am trying to optimize my study sessions, and went looking for flashcard apps. I then stumbled upon this open source flashcard app, looks quite promising I would say. 🙂 :fosstodon: 📚

@frederikstroem Anki is great. It's a bit LibreOfficey, but they're doing a rewrite, so I hope that will get better.

One of the biggest places for improvement for Anki is the synchronisation system. Currently it's just got a simple dirty / clean flag for “can this synchronise without a full re-upload?”, but storing more data about the server v.s. client states could reduce the need for that.

@frederikstroem Currently, creating a new note type then editing its fields triggers a re-upload, even though it *could* just create a new note type with those different fields when synching with the sever.

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