I would love to see it become trendy to reconstruct old combustion cars into electric vehicles… ⚡ Imagine the speed and acceleration!! 🏎

Like a trashed Soviet Lada 4×4 (Lada Niva) or something… Imagine the looks people will give in an intersection, when a Lada just does 0-100 in <3 seconds or something else crazy! 🤣

Also if it is geared for acceleration, at the cost of some top speed maybe. 🤔

@frederikstroem I have actually seen a bunch of these types of projects. The first EV I ever saw (besides a Leaf or Tesla) was a BMW that had been converted

@utahcon Wow, cool! I feel like I need to go look up some projects on YouTube or something then. 😊 I also think that Tesla initially reconstructed a Mercedes-Benz C-Class for like testing and inspiration or something. Really neat stuff for sure!

@frederikstroem I'm no mechanic, but I would think you'd have to replace the entire engine and transmission and just keep the chassis of the vehicle.

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