@kev @mike Will donating to Fosstodon using cryptocurrency eventually be supported? :fosstodon: :monero: :bitcoin: 🙂

@frederikstroem @mike we have discussed this a few times, but we always decide against it. Purely because it’s yet another thing for Mike and I to manage. We already have the hosting, email, Liberapay, stripe, PayPal and god knows what else. So we’re reluctant to add yet more things to manage.

@kev @mike I see, totally fair and understandable. You manage a lot already, and we are glad you do! 🙂

I just wanted to mention that Coinbase can do instant PayPal withdrawals with its' supported cryptocurrencies. So, if say you only accepted Bitcoins, then those would be rather easy to get to a PayPal account. 😊 :bitcoin:

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