Dedicating up to 20 GB of ram to /tmp is insance! Like a Tesla P100D, but for /tmp directories... 😂 :tux: 🚀

@frederikstroem My understanding is that /tmp is already "mounted" to RAM by systemd even though it's not shown in fstab. I think your blog should be clear that it's overriding the default size limit.

@greypilgrim @frederikstroem This is accurate. And Systemd automatically determines the size, which is quite helpful. It's also worth noting that the argument about SWAP degrading performance is quite outdated and depends on the hardware and which type of SWAP solution you are using. I use and have zero issues with it. I use this on both my desktop, which never hits it as it has 32GB of RAM, but I also use it on my servers, which occasionally hits it in small amounts.

@WhoNeedszZz @greypilgrim Thanks guys, I will have to further my research a bit i see. 😅 My goal was really to utilize more of the 32 GiB of RAM that both my primary machine and my server has, (because damn I love speed). 🙂

It was not my blog post btw., just for clarification. 🙂

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