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AppDaemon is an awesome addon for Home Assistant! Much easier for me to make code changes in a Git repo than some GUI-programming solution.

github.com/AppDaemon/appdaemon — Apache License

Weird for me to realize, but my GitHub account is actually vastly more dear to me than my Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts combined!

Code is just ❤️ i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty cool stuff 💪

"Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all ."

Like, I wanted a simple stopwatch in the corner on one of my monitors. Kronometer, some Plasma window rules, an application keybinding and I was set.

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@keyoxide @yarmo Just checked all the other stuff being created alongside keyoxide.org, it's basically a whole ecosystem! Very VERY cool!

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I feel kind of embarrassed that i didn't even know PGP notations was a thing! 😢
The potential however... :ablobcathyper:

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Just randomly stumpled upon @keyoxide by @yarmo. Really cool stuff! 😃 I am definitely going to be adding claim notations to my PGP key when I eventually get some spare time again after exams. :fosstodon:

With that being said, cryptography is pretty neat. Some great minds have contributed really cool stuff to the global collective intelligence throughout the years 🤗

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Encryption is hard, great encryption is harder, great encryption AND encryption best practices is the hardest... Nothing is truly stronger than the weakest link.

My `ll` command have caught 🔥

`alias ll="exa -abghlUm --octal-permissions --time-style long-iso --icons"`

:rust: github.com/ogham/exa

Then to run the command, it is as easy as pressing `home`, `delete` and then `enter`. 😅 Only drawback is not having the bash-completion package helping me out. 😢

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Sometimes when running spooky Linux commands, I will prepend a `#` when writing out the command. This will ensure that if accidentally hit enter, the command will just be interpreted as a comment. So something like an `rm -r` or `zfs destory` will not make me cry. 😂

Finally finished my GitHub backup solution. Ended up creating my own hacky tool github.com/frederikstroem/gith which clones all my repos and Gists once every 24 hours to a heavily compressed ZFS dataset on my home server.

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Couple that with disc types like the Millennial Disc (M-DISC), and then we're really talking! 🤩

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Hard to beat a burnable physical disc for backing up ones most precious data...

I mean, no ransomware gonna be wiping or encrypting my disks! 😤📀💿😤

Even though my TODO lists are just simple Joplin notes that seems to be ever-increasing in size faster than they are shrinked :blobthinkingeyes:

Really highlights the importance of time prioritization... Easier said than done though, feels like a life-long struggle to manage ones time and priorities.

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Finishing things on my checklist and then being able to check them off... I can't describe... It just feels so great! ✅ :ablobcatrave:

Currently working on Jekyll, their docs are pretty sweet! 👍

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