Yay, I put my new Bitcoin vanity address to its first use! 🙂 :bitcoin: 📚

I am absolutely speechless after having watched the first three episodes of Tiger King… 🐯

I mean, Trump would probably be thinking to himself, “STOP THIS MADNESS!!!” 😅

I really have found myself installing way to many useless apps. Gotta do a cleanup in them real soon. Especially on Android, :android: so many scary spyware, insecurity stories and stuff.

With 256 GB internal storage and 2020 4G plans+high speed Wi-Fi, then it is never really too big of a problem with storage space on the phone.

Oh no, GitHub is having quite the struggle right now. 😭 :github:

1 point for self-hosted, all my Git repositories are on GitHub. 🙁 Maybe I could do a local mirror in the future. 🤔🤔🤔 But I do self-host a lot of my other stuff though.

Was quite mad/sad about the wind today, it has been like 12 m/s all day! 😓😠

But then I thought, “Think about all the green energy being produced right now!”. And then I was quite happy continuing riding my bike again. 💨⚡⚡⚡😁

So my bank just froze my credit card for trying to buy cryptocurrency... Apparently they have had a zero-cryptocurrency policy for a while now. :bitcoin: :monero: 😢

First time actually being denied because of crypto, really thought banks in Denmark were a little smarter. 😔

When I was younger, I was all for getting rid of dayligt saving time, but now I really cannot be without it! 🌞 😎

plz eu, i love ya, but dont take this away from me xD

My absolute love for LaTeX is hard to describe. 😅

I favour the maxed out .gitignore approach, if it can possibly come on the .gitignore, do it. 😅 :git:

This is so great haha! 😂

"Covfefe-19" by Welino. Copenhagen, Denmark.

I don't know if I have lost it already... Two CPUs working on finding a cool :bitcoin: vanity address.

I am totally converted, I will always use Internet Archive links for all future references and links (where it makes sense). I am only increasing information, at the cost of a slight increase in link length.

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The fact that you can use raw Internet Archive links as pure citation amazed me. I mean, it includes both the full ISO 8601 date, the full link, and a cached website of the citation... I mean, can it get any better??!

Using LaTeX+git for writing. :idle: 😆

git add --all ; git commit -m "Add new progress" ; git push

Let us all get together, to NOT get together! 🙍➡️🏝️

The Bitc :bitcoin: n price is really hard to predict atm. 🤔

I really believe that AAA VR games are a gigantic untapped gold mine! So much potential as well... 💰💰💰

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