"You're just putting your words down." The WriteFreely story.


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I just found out about the difficulties that is currently experiencing. It sounds like they may have to eventually shutdown their Mastodon instance (as well as PeerTube and Matrix), which is not great for their users. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options. Whether they're going to fire those back up under a new domain is still under discussion. I hope their users can migrate off to some other instance, and of course they're welcome here.


Companies claim obsessive data collection makes their products better. But Carissa Véliz says that obscures how much power they’re amassing.


People pay a premium for tracking technologies that get imposed unwillingly on others


PrivacyTools is after a new name! Please submit your name ideas in the link bellow:


A key product of ubiquitous surveillance is people who are comfortable with it


Here goes for my

@privacytools is shuting down their Mastodon instance (for now), so I'm moving to !

I'm an amateur, freelance writer predominantly covering privacy. I'm also a team member at PrivacyTools, amongst other things.

This account might not last that long on this instance, but I'm happy to be here.


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