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Does anyone else get the idea that if Africa was in charge, instead of North America, and Europe the pandemic never would have happened?

Climate change probably wouldn't have got this far either

Like.. just getting that vibe.. If they were wealthy instead of us.. it'd be better

I'm still kind of surprised how easy the transition to Linux has been.

Usually, if it doesn't run on Linux, I can do without it. If I need windows for testing something I have my kids computer to run it on temporarily.

For me it's just and now

What if the Autistic people weren't the ones fussing about wearing masks... like we pretended (give it up... y'all ran from those things screaming absolute nonsense in massive groups lol)

But are instead the ones who keep refusing to drop them now?

Just something I've noticed..

Attack on Titan is just the Grey's Anatomy of the Anime world

(I admit I only saw the first season of Attack on Titan... but like... no one is safe lol)

I realized yesterday that white people were one of the bad guys in the Bible

And I can't stop thinking about how white people stole it as their own in the end... like... IT'S BAFFLING...

The biggest change I have seen with people online...

We used to talk for weeks before we met...

Now people want to talk for a couple of replies and meet...

Talking through text is a great way to get to know someone without having their aesthetics in your face the entire time

The French had their cake....

Millennials had pizza parties....

The outcomes of this look to be about the same in the long run.

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People are surprised this is the outcome

Whereas I am still thinking about how we spent more time and energy on filling empty seats with cutouts of people to calm the people watching sports and indoor dining... than we ever have on air quality.....

Empty space > Brain damage

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"Covid is over"

Says the man with the beer belly who thinks grease is a food group

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"The water wars are coming."

Says the man standing in front of his lawn with a running sprinkler

The West is fucking DOOMED

You are gifted when you can learn complex skills quickly

But broken when you prefer to spend your time learning and experimenting instead of socializing..

funny how that works...

My current OS lineup

(main desktop & Laptop)
Server (2 VM's)
((VM)I consider it an OS, I can use it like one if I want... I don't)
(mostly headless server)

with not even being installed on my machines. It's on my kids though.

I'm really really trying to resist the urge to rip out the idle 500 gig SSD, I don't have the extra to buy a new one, in my main tower that's reserved for windows for a couple of games.... to stuff into my server. The speed upgrade would be pretty amazing.....

How much do I want to play Forza or Hitman in the next couple of months? lol

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Humans will wipe out the foxes and cats that catch rodents...

THEN they go on a spree of tearing down old rodent-infested buildings.

I believe capitalism calls this "job creation" lol

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After a couple of weeks my dedicated server is up and running

And all of my PC's now have fresh installed OS's

Time to stream some Minecraft FTB Direwolf20

So there's a limit on sick days

but not on Covid reinfections per year?


This ship is sinking and they just locked the doors on us poor people to stop us flooding the decks from the bowels of the flooding ship. Our overlords are no different than those in the past

I wish there was a mouse scroll wheel in the middle of my keyboard... similar to the IBM thinkpad nub

Building a dedicated server is a lot of fun.. I wish I had needed one sooner.

I build things... as if I'm the one who has to fix them later... because that's almost always the case lol

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