@linux Most of us can't.
Their website says "Sailfish X is currently available in the countries of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland ("Authorized Countries") and the use of our website and services to purchase Sailfish X outside of the Authorized Countries is prohibited"

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@NevadaJack Yeah, right! How can anyone take what he, they, have to say about anything?

Eric Swalwell Dares Trump to Sue Him — I Have ‘Seen Evidence of Collusion’ breitbart.com/clips/2019/03/25

‘Evidence in plain sight’ of Trump collusion with Russia, Schiff says

So, where's the "beef,? Why have the never presented this "evidence?"

They are liars, they have no evidence of anything but their own crimes and work feverishly to keep that from coming out. Won't work, scumbags.

The high price point of the 5 will make things a lot easier for the much cheaper . A phone will be a 2nd device for most people so better hire Steve Jobs's old ad firm to make a new 1984 commercial to sell their $799 phone.

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**'Five Eyes' security alliance calls for access to encrypted material**

"The U.S.-led "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance said on Tuesday that tech firms must allow law enforcement agencies access to encrypted material, warning that failing to do so put people at risk. "


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@m raising taxes is inherently racist and sexist

the libs are on to something. calling everything racist and sexist is a great idea.

Where is the video of him slandering them? Searched for an hour and can't find it anywhere

There's no difference. There are IRC servers with channels having content that Google would find highly objectionable. That's not their server's primary purpose, but neither is it Gab's primary purpose.

Google has a problem following its own rules. I don't really care what their rules are anymore. All my mobile apps will be PWAs. My linux code will be GPL3. I'm not playing their game anymore. It's not their role to be society's chief censor.

@Tchambers IRC isn't moderated. They should be banning all IRC clients using the same flawed logic.

At the end of the day, they can only really destroy their own business. the open source developer community will continue writing apps and finding ways to distribute them.

They're simply proving many of us right when we called their sudden interest in open source a trojan horse many years ago. Had them pegged correctly then.

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@fossviking this would also include Tusky and pretty much any other Fediverse client?

I could easily set up unmoderated servers 🤷‍♂️ that and any discourse forum client app? Idk, it's truly a stupid policy to have

The browser project quietly took out 's subscription Youtube service in the kneecaps by allowing you to play videos with the screen locked.
There's going to be a lot more of that kind of thing. Starting with apps delivered outside their app store as progressive web apps. They never had any business dictating who gets to have an app. It's time to wreck that business model.

is evil" said the bad banned conspiracy man.
I'm not so sure he was wrong about that.

If Google wants to ban all apps offering "unmoderated content" then they should stop supporting the Android Open Source Project. I am able to use AOSP on unlocked phones and post all sorts of non-woke content throughout the internet.

Google should also close its doors and move to China. The whole company should go f--k itself. .

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@Tchambers so you're advocating for Google to ban all IRC clients too? web browsers are also a means for unmoderated content.

this is nothing less than digitial fascism

@Tchambers so you're advocating for Google to ban all IRC clients too? web browsers are also a means for unmoderated content.

this is nothing less than digitial fascism

@jameskupke Ubuntu 19.04, using proprietary drivers, works well for me on obscure Chinese white box laptops

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Chuck Norris already went to Moon and Mars, that's why there are no signs of life.

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