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@NevadaJack Yeah, right! How can anyone take what he, they, have to say about anything?

Eric Swalwell Dares Trump to Sue Him — I Have ‘Seen Evidence of Collusion’

‘Evidence in plain sight’ of Trump collusion with Russia, Schiff says

So, where's the "beef,? Why have the never presented this "evidence?"

They are liars, they have no evidence of anything but their own crimes and work feverishly to keep that from coming out. Won't work, scumbags.

The high price point of the 5 will make things a lot easier for the much cheaper . A phone will be a 2nd device for most people so better hire Steve Jobs's old ad firm to make a new 1984 commercial to sell their $799 phone.

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@fossviking this would also include Tusky and pretty much any other Fediverse client?

I could easily set up unmoderated servers 🤷‍♂️ that and any discourse forum client app? Idk, it's truly a stupid policy to have

The browser project quietly took out 's subscription Youtube service in the kneecaps by allowing you to play videos with the screen locked.
There's going to be a lot more of that kind of thing. Starting with apps delivered outside their app store as progressive web apps. They never had any business dictating who gets to have an app. It's time to wreck that business model.

is evil" said the bad banned conspiracy man.
I'm not so sure he was wrong about that.

If Google wants to ban all apps offering "unmoderated content" then they should stop supporting the Android Open Source Project. I am able to use AOSP on unlocked phones and post all sorts of non-woke content throughout the internet.

Google should also close its doors and move to China. The whole company should go f--k itself. .

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@Tchambers so you're advocating for Google to ban all IRC clients too? web browsers are also a means for unmoderated content.

this is nothing less than digitial fascism

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Chuck Norris already went to Moon and Mars, that's why there are no signs of life.

The Nazis are on Gab. They don't like Trump fans on Gab though.

Perhaps it's time for the left to abandon their overly simplistic rhetoric of the last few years and quit painting with a broad brush.

Tootdon was the best Mastodon client by far and now it's gone. Fedilab is #2 and the far left of Mastodon have tried to get them kicked out of the Google Play Store. Screw both Google and Mastodon. I am converting licensing for some code that AOSP uses today to GPL3, which Google despises. Any further commits for Mastodon code will be to Librem Social or Gab forks with GPL3 licensing.

I truly wish Google the worst in their dealings with the antitrust case. The lawyers should bust them into 10 different companies.

It's become apparent that this project is run by radical garbage people.

@Gina tell people you have epilepsy and he's your service animal. problem solved.

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I live in constant fear President Trump is going to deport my mother-in-law ....who works at 2763 E. Windshire Blvd. She gets off at 6:00 pm and drives a green Chevrolet.

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Silicon Valley Is Destroying American Democracy by Playing Political Favorites

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