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We have redesigned the Fosstodon Hub in - we're pretty happy with it, but let us know what you think, guys!

We just posted our first poll for project donations on Patreon where one of the projects listed will get a $150 donation from us!

If you're interested in getting having a say on where the donation will go, you can sign up to become a Patron using the link below.

HUGE thanks to all of our current Patrons, we wouldn't be able to do this awesome stuff without you guys!

It's been a day and we really haven't had many recommendations as to where you want us to make our fist donation. C'mon guys, this is your chance ot have your say!

Want to have your say as to what project we make our first donation to?

Take a look here:

Note: the final decision will be reserved for our Patrons.

Patreon page:

We've just updated the funding usage page on the hub. We're now at 6 months of funding, so we should be able to start donating to other projects within the next couple of months.

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who contributes to Fosstodon! If you want to contribute, take a look at our Patreon page -

When interacting with bots, please mark your posts as Unlisted or Direct. That way it will not appear in the public timeline, and the bot will still hear you just fine.

Thank you.

The first Hub community post by @daeh has just gone live. He's de-Googling his phone! Take a look at the post here:

There's an option to preview the timeline within Mastodon, but it doesn't show on mobile devices. So @codesections did some clever codey things and made a timeline that we can use on the

Are you new to ? If so, welcome! If you're still finding your feet here, we just published a post on the hub; "Five things to do after joining Fosstodon" which may help you get started here.

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@fosstodon hey, I'm on Ubuntu 18, I need to re-install, and so I need to back up my files. only problem is, EVERY time I run a backup I accidentally include something that will cause me bizarre and subtle problems when I restore from it. do you have tips for a power luser?

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new KeyBase Team for our .

If you're an active Fosstodon Patron, make sure you get in touch so we can add you to the team!

Just a reminder folks: we've now got our community hub up and running. It's got a community blog, our CoC, details on how to support Fosstodon, details about our team, and more.

Commujity blog:

Support us:


The team:

Also, if you want to know how we're using your kind donations, details can are here:

Ok folks, we have finished working on our - if you want to sign up for a guest writer's account on the hub, and start contributing to our community blog, you can do so here:

We're not finished with the hub yet - more will be added to it over the coming days, so watch this space!

Our admin, @mike had a great idea - to open up the Fosstodon Hub to our users, so they can contribute blog posts.

Maybe you want to talk about a project you're interested in, or something you're working on, or maybe just tell people why you use FOSS in a more long-form fashion.

Think of it kinda like a mini-medium for Fosstodon users.

This post is to gauge interest before we start developing something. Would anyone be interested in contributing to, or consuming, such content?

We wrote a post about why we decided to go English only on Fosstodon. If you're interested in a long-form explaination as to why we did it, check out this post:

Friendly reminder to everyone on Fosstodon - this is an English-speaking instance, so we would request that all Toots be posted in English please.

This isn't because we don't like other languages, but our staff can only speak English, so there is no way of moderating posts in other languages.

Unfortunately, we will need to remove any non-English posts we discover. We're sorry if this causes any frustration with our awesome members. 👍

Folks, we have had a number of new patrons join our ranks, thank you so much for the support.

If you pledged $5/month or more, please remember to drop us an email to so we can give you your forwarding mailbox, if you want it.

Unfortunately, Fosstodon will no longer be accepting donations via LiberaPay.

We want to thank everyone who has donated via LiberaPay over the last few months, but due to the current instability with their services, we will be suspending donations until further notice.

If you still want to donate to Fosstodon, you can do so via Patreon and PayPal:

Thanks to some great feedback from @maloki, we have updated our CoC to be more clear on what we will do with NSK content.


Hey Folks! We have noticed that there has been an increase in NSFW content that's being federated with .

Per our Code of Conduct ( we have globally blocked those accounts.

If this affects you then we apologise, but we have to ensure Fosstodon is welcoming for as many members as possible; and having porn visible in our federated timeline detracts from that.

Thank you all for the continued support - you're all awesome!

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