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Thanks to some great feedback from @maloki, we have updated our CoC to be more clear on what we will do with NSK content.


Hey Folks! We have noticed that there has been an increase in NSFW content that's being federated with .

Per our Code of Conduct ( we have globally blocked those accounts.

If this affects you then we apologise, but we have to ensure Fosstodon is welcoming for as many members as possible; and having porn visible in our federated timeline detracts from that.

Thank you all for the continued support - you're all awesome!

Sorry folks, we had some outage due to DB issues. Normal service has resumed!

Lots of new members signing up. Have we been added to a post or something, or have bots started to discover us?

If you just signed up, please say hi using the hash tag. 👍

If you want to support the project, we have a patron page:

If you prefer a one off donation, you can do so via PayPal:

If you prefer not to donate at all, that's cool too - we still love having you around.

We may also setup a LibrePay page if people would prefer?

Thanks for the support guys, you're all awesome!


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