@lebel according to our CDN traffic, here is a breakdown of where our users are (darker colour means more hits). This data is from the last 30 days.

Looking at the numbers, it seems that the vast majority of our users are in Europe and East/Central US.

@oranje yeah, it’s so difficult to welcome every person that joins, there’s just too many people joining that to be sustainable.

It’s a shame, as it would be nice to be able to give every new member a personal welcome, but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.

has a new sticker design! If you're needing to fill in some blank space on your laptop lid, may I suggest?


@oranje Nope. We'd be happy to have you back any time you want to make the trip. :)

@tootapp how have I never tried that...what an idiot! Thanks.

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Hey @tootapp it would be great to have an option to hide image captions. This is an extreme case, but even normal captions regularly get in the way. Thanks.

We have added a new sticker design to our shop and they’re available for purchase now!


@danuker it’s not getting unwieldy, we just want to take steps before it does become unwieldy.

We're looking for a Community Manager to join our team. Could it be you? Find out more here...


@vordenken we started doing this a while ago, but didn’t get around to finishing the application to Stripe. All done now, so Stripe should be enabled on our Liberapay page. Thanks for the reminder!


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@selea@social.linux.pizza @fosstodon@fosstodon.org do you know any good CloudFlare alternatives for bot protection? I'm using their services only because it's free and gives me ddos and HTTP bot-raid protection and it's working very well. And I couldn't find any better options yet, I would like to move away, but now I don't see I can.

Following some feedback from one of our members, we have replaced with for our instance.

You can read more about it here:


We’re going to do another round of donations soon. We think we have enough to donate $400.

What donation amount would you guys prefer we did?

what content is “controversial “ in a decentralized non corporate space #gatekeepers 

@Maza ultimately, yes. When we need to make these kind of decisions, the team as a whole make them collectively. Thankfully, we don’t need to do it all that often as we have such a good community.

@rudolf @cavaliertusky @fosstodon.org @mike

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