what content is “controversial “ in a decentralized non corporate space #gatekeepers 

@rudolf @cavaliertusky that kind of stuff is covered elsewhere in our CoC. TL;DR we’re not opposed to these topics as long as they’re behind a CW and the views mentioned aren’t extreme etc. Ultimately we take them on a case by case basis.

In the interest of full disclosure, we've added crypto-group-buy.com to our domain block list. Please let us know if you have any question or concerns regarding this domain block.

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Yay ^^ They finally arrived! The @fosstodon stickers. Adding another topicstarter to the billboard side of the thinkpad, it's been a great place to be ever since I joined. Thank you all!

@mike @tootapp ahhh I see what you mean. When you scroll it off screen upwards, the arrows switch to upward so it assumes you’re scrolling upwards. If I scroll it off downward, they flip to point downward. I’ve never noticed those arrows before. Maybe make it more obvious by changing the text to say “Load more downward/upward” or something?

This makes sense now. Thanks for replying and sticking with us despite the blocking mess. Best app on iOS bar none!

Thanks @mike appreciate you helping. @tootapp it’s Kev here, so we can talk direct now.

Yeah, I see the little arrows either side of the “load more” bar, do I need to hit them to force it to load downward? Why would that not be the default behaviour for tapping anywhere in the bar?

are back!

Not only that, but we also have new designs. If you want to get some cool swag for your laptop, while supporting Fosstodon, check out our new Sticker Shop:



We have had some issues overnight where the instance’s timelines were not updating. Out host, @mastohost appear to have fixed the issue and we should be back to normal now.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please email the team at team@fosstodon.org

Apologies for any issues caused.

is growing fast and we need your help!

More details in the Hub post below:


Much love ❤️

@normandc Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate any contribution to keeping the lights on.


We’ve seen a lot of new members recently, so as a team we wanted to welcome you all and give you guys some useful links.

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