@normandc Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate any contribution to keeping the lights on.


We’ve seen a lot of new members recently, so as a team we wanted to welcome you all and give you guys some useful links.

Welcome to , folks! We love having you here and we’re very proud of our little corner of the fediverse. We look forward to getting to know you all!

Here are some useful links:

The team:

Our Code of Conduct:

Support us:

Five things to do after joining Fosstodon:

@dwagenk yes, as long as it’s behind a CW and not breaking any other part of our CoC, it would be fine.

I don’t speak German, but assuming the content is as you have described in your translation, I see no problem with this post, but it should have been behind a CW.

Please remember the CW next time. Thanks. 😊

@mike @lioh @rudolf

Ah, sorry.

We're on stock.

Looking at the account in the admin interface I can still see the redirect, but there's no way in my interface to remove it. That might be a good feature request for a future version. Sorry I'm not more help.



Hmm, from what I can see on my end (this is @mike btw), the account is enabled and you should be able to login. I'd it giving you an error?

We haven't had any other complaints, but we can look into it. What account are you trying to reactivate?


Unfortunately, we have had to update some of the instances we have blocked.

All Gab instances and been 'upgraded' from Silenced to Suspended. Mstdn.jp has also been suspended.

This is because we have had a lot of members reporting porn themed follow bots from these instances.

Instance block list has been updated:

Sorry to lose you Brett, but "English Only" isn't part of the update. That's always been the policy here. Good luck in the future, and maybe someday we'll cross paths again.

Thanks for all the feedback on the new folks. Clearly once you have read a document 25 times, the typos are easy to miss! 😁

@boblmartens @jordan31 thanks for the feedback guys. The CoC is a working document and this is just our first stab at it, so we will make changes as we go. The “correct view” thing may be one of them in hindsight.

@lx controversial stuff is fine, we just ask that it’s put behind a CW. 😁

Now, Systemd being inferior other init-systems may be a little too controversial for any CW! 🤣🤣

We're very happy to announce that our new is now live. We've taken a lot of time editing this, and our Patrons have also helped.

Hopefully this new CoC will better define what we're trying to achieve with .


We're very happy to announce that @ohyran and @Gina have joined the Fosstodon moderation team.

We have also made some changes in how we manage the moderation for Fosstodon. You can get details in this blog post - hub.fosstodon.org/blog/moderat

Please join us in congratulating both Jens and Gina on joining the team. It's a great choice, we're sure you will agree. 😁

We're very happy to say that we just put out our second round of project donations. This time around, both @elementary and @letsencrypt received $100 each.

You can read more about it here:

@wowaname if people stopped using software everytime a significant vulnerability was discovered, no-one would be using any software.

Whilst I wouldn't use CloudFlare personally, I wouldn't hold it against another company, especially when they want a quick and simple way of securing their infra.


Over the past 6 months or so, a few members have asked us if we accept donations via .

We moved away from them because they were having issues; it looks like those issues are now fixed (we hope). So we’re happy to announce that Fosstodon is now accepting Liberapay donations again. 😁


We have been asked about the longevity of Fosstodon, especially since a number of key instances have gone.

Hopefully this post will allay any concerns. TL;DR - we got your back!


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