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Aaaand we’re back up and running. The migration is complete, but please let us know if you guys have any issues.

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Did you know? We have a blog where we write about LibreOffice and free software events, chat with contributors, post news and job offers, and much more:

Aaaand we’re back up and running. The migration is complete, but please let us know if you guys have any issues.


At approximately 13:00 BST (08:00 Eastern) tomorrow, Tuesday 16th, we will be doing a database migration that will result in around 30 minutes of downtime.

@badrihippo maybe we need to plug it more. :-)

The timeline is all thanks to @codesections

Still reading up on it. Hadn't heard of it until now. It doesn't appear to be an actual instance though, so blocking the domain wouldn't do much. Whether we support or oppose the initiative, I'm not sure we have tools to do anything about it at this point. We will continue to research. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Ok folks, the are now ready. We have a _very_ limited number for this initial run of stickers. If we get enough interest, we will get more.

Order your stickers here:

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To the person who just sent us a substantial donation of $60 - thank you so much. It's people like you and our Patron who help to keep the lights on at Fosstodon HQ.

Goddam, we love our members!

If you want to help support Fosstodon, you can do so here:

@alexbuzzbee 2.8 (which includes polls I believe) isn’t released yet to my knowledge. We normally update a couple of days after the release.

We have temporarily close sign ups on the instance. Looks like we may have been targeted in some kind of flood.

We just made our first donation to an open source project. Thanks to our Patrons, we were able to send $150 to Mastodon!

Read more about it here:

@selea great. Must have been a little influx of visitors from here, or maybe it was me doing an update, who knows. :-)

@selea it's working here for me. Is it still doing it?

We have redesigned the Fosstodon Hub in - we're pretty happy with it, but let us know what you think, guys!

We just posted our first poll for project donations on Patreon where one of the projects listed will get a $150 donation from us!

If you're interested in getting having a say on where the donation will go, you can sign up to become a Patron using the link below.

HUGE thanks to all of our current Patrons, we wouldn't be able to do this awesome stuff without you guys!

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