Hey folks, it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations, in the amount of $300 each.

@fosstodon I've put down KDE - with their newest version they are really providing an amazing experience!

@fosstodon really love 💖 the initiative.

Am not a member (though I may move to fosstodon soon-ish).

For the #Fediverse at large: I suggest @alcinnz as a person to consider donating to for tireless work on better browsers and standards.

See also:

Adrian just submitted a #weblite HTML draft:

And look at these great browser projects:


#Rhapsode auditory browser:


Could I interest you in LibreFaso ?
(the English version is still a stub, though)

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