@fosstodon Would you consider adding some sort of Patron badges to user profiles? Some sort of small, non-physical incentive?

@apetresc we've discussed that lots of times, but unfortunately, it's not possible without a huge amount of work.

There are GitHub issues logged on the Mastodon repo to add such support, but they haven't had much traction, last I checked.

@apetresc here's the issue - github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

If you want to see this implemented, go add a comment, see if we can get the dev team to move on it. 🙂

@fosstodon Interesting. Does anyone know if @Gargron is philosophically opposed to such a feature?

If not, I might file a PR for it myself.

@fosstodon Are the 53 patrons mentioned in the post on Patreon only, or am I included in this figure, as someone donating via Liberapay?

@totoroot that only includes people on Patreon. It's VERY difficult to find who'e actively donating on Liberapay as it shows people who give 1-off donations too.

@fosstodon Ok, thanks for the answer! :)
Perhaps I'll register on Patreon and move my donation there.
I just thought Liberapay would be the preferred way to go, as they don't have fees for donations 💸

@totoroot @fosstodon Liberapay is probably better; the stats aren't terribly necessary, and liberapay's a better platform.

I'm under the impression that librepay actively discourage one-time payment (and don't provide a mechanism for it either, unless you manually cancel support), since they want the recepients to be able to count on a steady revenue.
That being said, I wish they provided a means "flush the buffer" when making changes. I updated my contribution from $10 to $20 /year but it won't pay out until the next scheduled time based on the previous charge.

@martijnbraam like a colophon? Not really, but here's a high level:

We host with Masto.Host (masto.host)

Our CDN is provided by BunnyCDN.

We have a $5/m digital ocean droplet that handles our Mattermost server.

We register domains with NameCheap.

We host email with Zoho mail.

@fosstodon ah I was mainly wondering what hardware it's running on that's $90/month but apparently it's a third party :P

@fosstodon @martijnbraam You can have a look here for a general view of the infrastructure masto.host/infrastructure/ and I can share some numbers about the resources used by Fosstodon (if the admins allow obviously) but it's hard to give you an actual hardware usage (besides disk space) as resources are shared.

@fosstodon Do Liberapay donators also get MatterMost access, or is that a Patreon-only perk?

@apetresc it’s open to anyone who donates. The problem with Liberapay is that it’s anonymous from our perspective, so we have no way to validate who has donated.

If you can email us some proof (receipt etc.) we will be happy to add you! mail@fosstodon.org


🎶 wouldn’t it be nice if we could set-up and ask for money in the left sidebar~ 🎶

@alex @fosstodon Mastodon should add a built in way to donate to the server. Would be much better instead of going through patreon.

And while Liberapay is nice, it is not as feature rich.

@fosstodon I assume there is no way to donate money via a normal online banking transaction? Like in the stone age, I know. :D

@fosstodon I don't have much to spare but I'm donating some weekly now. This instance has always been good to me and I am happy to support it.

@cooper @Mundon @fosstodon I'm now an official fosstodon supporter and proud to help keeping this wonderful place alive.

@fosstodon couldn't quite get this sentence:

So we earn approximately $130/month from Patreon and Liberpay, but we pay out $115/month in hosting charges (breakdown here). This leaves a huge $15/month in lieu, and that’s assuming we don’t have a spike in traffic, or need to increase our hosting resources.

Are you saying the margin's too small? Maybe you should make that clear "This leaves a *small* $15/month in lieu" or something...or did the numbers somehow get swapped? 🤔

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