has a new sticker design! If you're needing to fill in some blank space on your laptop lid, may I suggest?

@skippednote If someone in the community wants to submit a design to be included in the store, @kev and I are more than open to including community designed work. We also try to include the community in decisions that directly affect their experience with Fosstodon. For something as subjective as artwork, we're not going to do a poll every time, especially when it's your choice whether or not to buy it.


@mike @kev @fosstodon when most of the languages, frameworks, and libraries let the community decide then why not fosstondon?

@skippednote the community decides A LOT here at Fosstodon. They decide where we donate additional funds, along with many of the decisions we make which will impact members.

The community is very much involved in every part of Fosstodon. Just like the community can decide whether to buy stickers or not. There's no way for us to easily manage a process to allow the community to approve and add designs to the store. So we don't, and we leave purchasing decisions up to members.

@mike @fosstodon

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