Hey @tootapp it would be great to have an option to hide image captions. This is an extreme case, but even normal captions regularly get in the way. Thanks.

@fosstodon @tootapp true, but people should stop abusing the description feature to replicate every single word and sentence in an image as well, I think most devs had this as a feature because most images have correct sized descriptions but this needs to change now due to those people.

@machete_Badger @fosstodon @tootapp That isn't an abuse of the description feature. It's indispensable for screen-reader users, and I consider it common courtesy. Image descriptions fill the alt attribute, and if they're the main part of the toot they should definitely be filled.

@wizzwizz4 @fosstodon @tootapp pardon me then, I've definitely seen more people complain to desist from doing this rather than encourage it, maybe it's just a miscommunication from what people believe the description should be, and a little bit of the fact that apps don't have an option to hide them I guess.

@machete_Badger @fosstodon @tootapp The apps not hiding them is a problem, but it's a fault of the apps. If the apps crashed when people had names with non-ASCII characters in them, that wouldn't make those names wrong. (It would make people complain about the names, though.)

@fosstodon Just noticed the same thing in Tusky, where you can tap the description to make it disappear. @tootapp

@tootapp how have I never tried that...what an idiot! Thanks.

@fosstodon @tootapp and Fedilab auto hides after about 5 seconds 🙃

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