@fosstodon oh good you made that post. I've always a little guilty posting my cast iron baking stuff, like I was steering away from the main focus.

In my defense though I've always felt like my sharing of any knowledge or skills were somewhat aligned with Foss ideas, in the content that I openly promote sharing and preserving knowledge and skills.

@jordan31 @fosstodon Sounds great! I'm sure there's tonnes of people who are super into your cast iron baking stuff.

@jordan31 @fosstodon

No one's going to give you the boot for that....
But if I did, I've give you a boot and 1/2 half...

@fosstodon I love this. I like knowing about what else people care about

@cavaliertusky @fosstodon
Just one thing we should keep out of here is political stuff like "abortion is murder", Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan, etc. which mostly lead to heated and hateful discussions. I used to be on another instance where this became unbearable.
I am glad theFosdtodon Code of Conduct says not to post inflammatory stuff.

@rudolf @cavaliertusky that kind of stuff is covered elsewhere in our CoC. TL;DR we’re not opposed to these topics as long as they’re behind a CW and the views mentioned aren’t extreme etc. Ultimately we take them on a case by case basis.

what content is “controversial “ in a decentralized non corporate space #gatekeepers 

@rudolf @cavaliertusky @fosstodon and you decided you’re the sole arbiter of what constitutes “controversial “. Interesting ...your thoughts @fosstodon.org @mike

what content is “controversial “ in a decentralized non corporate space #gatekeepers 

@Maza ultimately, yes. When we need to make these kind of decisions, the team as a whole make them collectively. Thankfully, we don’t need to do it all that often as we have such a good community.

@rudolf @cavaliertusky @fosstodon.org @mike

what content is “controversial “ in a decentralized non corporate space #gatekeepers 

@fosstodon The reason i joined this instance is i am into FOSS and want to learn a lot more by hanging around other people that are also into it, but i wanted to be able to talk about other stuff an i felt welcome to join this instance.

Thank you all! :D

@fosstodon I think it's great that the main topic here is . That's why I'm here. But life has more topics than FOSS and Linux etc. (at least that's what I've heard 🤔). And if I'm not interested in a post (for whatever reason, because of the topic or because of the language or I just don't feel like it) I just scroll over it. But sometimes I am confronted with non-FOSS topics, which I didn't know at all and it's great that we are such a motley crew. Thank you all and thanks for the post.😇

Wait, are there more things in life the FOSS and Linux and my family? :-) Cool. I must admit, made money with it since the late 90's so I can't imagine there is anything else :-)

@fosstodon Thank you for the clarification. I joined this instance as FOSS is a major interest of mine but it is nice to have some discussion about other subjects as well.

Well from one point this is unfortunate - provides too few ways of being a source of useful information instead of random garbage, and local feed is/was one of them. From another, the worse the better - the chaos can either boost more filtering tools, or make it apparent that mastodon failed and leave it for the people interested just in random talks.

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