is growing fast and we need your help!

More details in the Hub post below:

Much love ❤️

@fosstodon I'm now a $1 supporter! Fosstodon is pretty great! Let's keep it on!

@fosstodon just saw you've got liberapay set up as well. I guess I'll join in with a small amount via that service then.

@fosstodon I'm glad you added Liberapay to your support page. It's my preferred support method:

@fosstodon I'm another new supporter through @Liberapay, thanks a lot for your work :)


Liberapay does not take a cut from your donations and instead relies on donations through their own platform. The money donated goes straight to the donatee, minus a transaction fee which is dependent on the handler (stripe, PayPal or others).
Patreon charges the same transaction fees plus an additional 5% for the platform itself.
More info to be found here:
And here:

@fosstodon @algorithminflux

BTW I just became a patron on LIberapay too!! Thanks for keeping this platform up and running! 👏

@fosstodon A bit of my love back to you, guys. ❤️

Thank you for keeping this space AWESOME! :)

I contributed to , too. These projects are very important for the FOSS community.

Keep rocking!

Ahhh! I didn't see this post right off. I'm glad that @gianf posted something or I'd have missed it.

I understand. When I ran my BBS it was always at a loss. But it was fun, and I made some lifelong friends from it.

@randynose Oh! BBS! I guess we are both ol... emm... experienced. 😊
Eh! 8bit memories... 🕹️ 😍 @fosstodon

@gianf @fosstodon

I've been around the block once or twice. I hope to go around again, but perhaps a little slower. LOL.

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