We're very happy to announce that our new is now live. We've taken a lot of time editing this, and our Patrons have also helped.

Hopefully this new CoC will better define what we're trying to achieve with .

@fosstodon Not bad. I'm not sure about the "correct view" part. But this CoC doesn't piss me off while reading it. Seems sensible. :D

@jordan31 @fosstodon Overall I think good, but even a judgement statement of "correct view" seems out of place with the spirit of the CoC itself.

@boblmartens @jordan31 thanks for the feedback guys. The CoC is a working document and this is just our first stab at it, so we will make changes as we go. The “correct view” thing may be one of them in hindsight.

@fosstodon @boblmartens @jordan31 I always looked at the phrase "correct view" as if it existed in quotes. It didn't really matter what it was as far as the CoC was concerned. Just a statement that something may be a violation of the CoC, even if the person posting it believed it was right. I'm feeling now like that may require a some clarification.

@mike @fosstodon @jordan31 That's what I thought, but sadly without some sort of explanation leaves a lot of run for potential problems ... wish this were not so. You are all doing great work!

@fosstodon Unlisted - Not posted to public timelines, but viewable is someone visits your profile.

Theres a typo in there ;)
I wonder what is meant with the advocacy rule though :o

@vancha @fosstodon my best guess for the advocacy rule is in relation to encourage joining a club or a cause or a religious sect

@fosstodon Hey all, looks like there's an error in the new CoC:

CW stands for Content Warning rather than Content Wall as suggested at the end of the first point under the "Additional Rules for Public Toots" section

content walls cw, CoC 

@brandon @fosstodon let’s not “Build A Wall” of Content. 😂

content walls cw, CoC 

@Maza XD Oh youuu :P

@fosstodon Good thing I am not a member then..
I understand political topics etc. but what's wrong with controversial topics? I mean what's the point of a community where everyone just sings the same chorus?
So I am not allowed to talk with others about why I believe that systemd is inferior to another init-system? I'd consider that pretty controversial 😁

@lx controversial stuff is fine, we just ask that it’s put behind a CW. 😁

Now, Systemd being inferior other init-systems may be a little too controversial for any CW! 🤣🤣

@fosstodon but that kind of conflicts with the CoC. It literally says that advocacy regarding controversial topics is not allowed.

@fosstodon Reading this made me realize I needed to clarify some things in the There's Life CoC. Thanks!

@fosstodon there's an unclosed parenthesis in the 4th bullet of additional rules on public toots

@fosstodon Hi, its great that you adopted a CoC, congrats!

Reading it through, it seems that it explicitly prohibits any kind of political discussion... And I am wondering how does an instance dedicated to Free Software bans political discussions when Free Software itself is a political movement...

@alatiera @fosstodon
It doesn't disallow it, it just points that contentious topics are put behind a CW to ensure that the instance focus is kept in place without banning debate.

@ohyran @fosstodon I am referencing this part:

> An advocacy space. There are many important, controversial and political issues; and advocating for what you believe is important. However, Fosstodon is not the place for that advocacy. Even correct views can violate our CoC.

@alatiera @fosstodon
Good catch! It is complex because the idea is to focus on FLOSS stuff - but as you say a LOT of FLOSS discussion is political in nature, and a form of advocacy.

@fosstodon "Do not toot in languages other than English"? Oh dear. I guess I'll start looking for another instance that's more tolerant of the world and its richness and diversity. English is already too dominant on the Internet. The hashtag-only search settings already make it impossible to find things on here, so it seems to be time. In the meantime, anyone looking for me can find me on Twitter, where I follow accounts in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Catalan and Russian.

@dentangle @fosstodon English only had always been a rule for us - it was in the old CoC too. Please read the blog post we link to as to why that’s a rule.

TL;DR - we can’t moderate languages we don’t understand.

@kev @fosstodon I did, and I disagree. I didn't see that when I signed up in the old COC, or I never would have joined. My profile has been in English and French from day one. I'll go find an instance without censorship. The search settings have already broken it here anyway.

@dentangle @fosstodon requesting users public posts be in English so that we (the team) can better moderate and therefore protect our users is hardly censorship.

Anyway, good luck with your new instance. We wish you all the best.

I think it is a good CoC. I never read the old or was aware that one exist :D . I have no problem too toot in english. It is your instance and your rules. It is like in the real world, when i come to your house, i have to respect your rules. :)

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