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@fosstodon Some project improving language filters in Mastodon would be great :) I'm getting tons of posts in French and German that are tagged as English somehow.

@stevenroose that's done on a per user basis. If they set their language as English, then post in German, it will appear as English.

@fosstodon I know, but users posting in two different languages don't have an easy way to differentiate their posts.
I created this suggestion:

@fosstodon That's odd. I cannot get to through my VPN. Nor can I connect from the VPN endpoint (ssh -> lynx).

I run my VPN on a Digital Ocean VM. Any reason connections from should time out?

I can connect to, but not Ideas?

@hdasch no idea, sorry. We don't do any IP filtering to the site.

@fosstodon Thanks. Didn't think you did. But couldn't diagnose it. Seems to have been transient. Working now. But I don't know why it broke or isn't broke now. <shrug/>

Thanks again.

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