Our admin, @mike had a great idea - to open up the Fosstodon Hub to our users, so they can contribute blog posts.

Maybe you want to talk about a project you're interested in, or something you're working on, or maybe just tell people why you use FOSS in a more long-form fashion.

Think of it kinda like a mini-medium for Fosstodon users.

This post is to gauge interest before we start developing something. Would anyone be interested in contributing to, or consuming, such content?

@fosstodon @mike This sounds like a great idea. What CMS/engine are you using for blogging?

@fosstodon @mike

I also think this sounds like a great idea. I wonder if/how we should handle users (like me!) who have our own blogs. A few options:

- Do nothing; people can post to the hub or their own site at their option
- Include a "blogroll" of sorts on the hub to community blogs
- Have periodic "in the community" posts on the hub with links to our blogs
- Be like Medium with cross-posted content with <rel="canonical"> links back to the original post

@codesections @mike I think canonical links back would be a good idea. There are multiple ways to skin that particular cat though. 😊

@fosstodon @mike
After thinning about it, the best format might be to keep the hub for posts from people who don't have their own blogs (or who prefer to post on the hub) and then also have a weekly "This Week in " type post that links to each blog post written by a user (who'd opted in).

That would let people keep their content/the presentation of their content on their own site if they want to, and would avoid overwhelming the hub—but still tie everything together.

@fosstodon @mike I really like the content posted by people I see here, and having one place to go to find it would be great.

One Of These Days™ I'm totally going to start that blog I've been meaning to start, and this would be a perfect place.

@fosstodon @mike I'm happily on rather than fosstodon, but I'd be keen if it was open to me!

@alcinnz sorry, we would only be able to extend the offer to Fosstodon members.


@fosstodon @mike sounds like an awesome idea! I'd 100% support it

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