We wrote a post about why we decided to go English only on Fosstodon. If you're interested in a long-form explaination as to why we did it, check out this post:

@fosstodon I must say I agree with your decision after reading the post. Maybe mastodon can get tools to help admins with this? @Gargron ?

What I do not agree with, however, is the Disqus comment widget on your blog. No need to load a metric ton of proprietary js for some comments...

@fosstodon so if I would write a non-English post i would be banned D:?

@pezzoDiPeco no, not at all. We would discuss it with you in the first instance and draw your attention to this post.

@fosstodon it would be nice if mastodon included an automated language detection and translation option like the translate tweet function on twitter...but I imagine that would be complicated.

@n00bcakes yeah, that would be awesome, and would negate the need for action like this.


Good on you for taking a principled stance on providing a civil forum for your members in a transparent manner, even if it means dissatisfying some people. Who knows? Maybe some of the other options you discarded today may become more viable in the future.

Thank you @samir. We certainly hope that one of the other options does become more viable in the future. We will continue to review and improve where possible.

@nerdhochburg so will you move to any of your other identities?
Let us know then ;)

@fosstodon what about allowing bilingual posts, where the content is in English and then repeated in another language? That might be a good compromise.

@peterhebert that's what we're discussing currently as a viable compromise for people.

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