Friendly reminder to everyone on Fosstodon - this is an English-speaking instance, so we would request that all Toots be posted in English please.

This isn't because we don't like other languages, but our staff can only speak English, so there is no way of moderating posts in other languages.

Unfortunately, we will need to remove any non-English posts we discover. We're sorry if this causes any frustration with our awesome members. 👍

@fosstodon is there any way you can use a translation service? I personally speak Portuguese as native language and I find a little bit cumbersome to have another instance account to post in Portuguese.


@amaral we could, but the overhead of manually translating each foreign post, checking its OK, then taking action if it isn't would take a lot of extra time that we simple don't have.

@fosstodon that makes sense. Thank you for your service. I think the federated thing will also mean federated usage.

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