Friendly reminder to everyone on Fosstodon - this is an English-speaking instance, so we would request that all Toots be posted in English please.

This isn't because we don't like other languages, but our staff can only speak English, so there is no way of moderating posts in other languages.

Unfortunately, we will need to remove any non-English posts we discover. We're sorry if this causes any frustration with our awesome members. 👍

@fosstodon If you guys ever need help moderating other languages in the future or anything, I can always help with anything Spanish or Portuguese!

@fosstodon It's really a pity ... I think that some effort should be made to integrate foreign languages in interface, I'm thinking to something like DeepL integration on toots representation.
I think also that some effort should be made also on a personal basis to try to acquire the basics of some foreign language, but that's not mandatory ... ;-)

I'm very sorry, forgive my english, it's not my mother's language ..

You're wonderful ! :-)
Siete fantastici ! :-)
Ihr seid toll! :-)

@lucapaganotti I think the multi-language support is pretty good in mastodon. The issue we have isn't because of a technological limitation, but simply because the team don't speak the many languages on the instance, so it's impossible to moderate.

I agree, in a perfect world we should make time to learn things like new languages, but realistically, we have jobs and lives to balance too, so it it hard.

Your English is superb.

@fosstodon Yes, I understand. By the way I was meaning a sort of "on the fly" translation of toots in english so it should be possible to moderate also foreign languages toots with speed. I was thinking to DeepL API integration in the moderation tool chain/process.

Thank you! My english is almost completely self taught and greatly far from being superb!!

Now trying to learn French and German the same way.

Have a good day :-)

@fosstodon is there any way you can use a translation service? I personally speak Portuguese as native language and I find a little bit cumbersome to have another instance account to post in Portuguese.

@amaral we could, but the overhead of manually translating each foreign post, checking its OK, then taking action if it isn't would take a lot of extra time that we simple don't have.

@fosstodon that makes sense. Thank you for your service. I think the federated thing will also mean federated usage.

Ok, it's a good motivation for exercise my poor English 😊

@fosstodon I’m able to help with moderation of French language content.

@fosstodon Well, now I know which instance not to join. Sorry.

@cyndn that's fine, we realise that this would alienate some users, but a decision had to be made unfortunately.

As long as you're part of the community, it doesn't really matter what instance you choose. 😊

@fosstodon various users have offered to help with moderating Portuguese, Spanish and French. Will you revise your policy?
If not will it be clearly stated on the signup form? #i18n

@El_django it is stated on our CoC, to which there is a link on the about page. What about Russian, Czech, Japanese, Mandarin, or any other language out there?

Unfortunately, no, we won't be revising the policy in the near future. It's something we have thought long and hard about.

@fosstodon is it ok, if I answer to a post in german if I make the post Unlisted or maybe better yet Direct? Or would it be better if I made another account on a different instance. Honestly curious as to how you would prefer. ✌️

@fleischie28 absolutely fine to discuss privately in German, we have no problem with that at all. It's purely for moderating the public timeline.

@fosstodon part of my project is to help revitalise Te Reo Māori (the Māori language), are bilingual posts with explanation OK?

@fosstodon 😲 isn't that a bit extreme tbh?
It's pretty sad to have to come to this 😕

@rgggn whilst it's not ideal, we had to make a decision on how best to manage the community going forward. We're going to write a full post on our rationale behind the decision.

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