Hey Folks! We have noticed that there has been an increase in NSFW content that's being federated with .

Per our Code of Conduct ( we have globally blocked those accounts.

If this affects you then we apologise, but we have to ensure Fosstodon is welcoming for as many members as possible; and having porn visible in our federated timeline detracts from that.

Thank you all for the continued support - you're all awesome!

@fosstodon So block rather than silenced?

Silence would remove it from the federated TL, but still allow your members to follow it if they prefer.

@maloki so silence will stop anyone on the instance from seeing posts from that account, but those individuals who already follow will continue to see their content?

@maloki cool. That's obviously the way to go then. I'll circle back and silence those accounts instead. Thanks for the tip. 👍

@fosstodon i, for one, am very glad about this. Thanks, guys and gals!

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