Can someone tell me when we're getting a frontend for ?

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Want to learn lisp/scheme? Want to learn it so fast you go from NOTHING to SCHEME WRITTEN IN SCHEME in an hour?!?!

Well come see me do exactly such a presentation live at the @fossandcrafts Hack and Craft, today, 2ET (18:00 UTC)!

(It'll also be recorded!)

The presentation is based on A Scheme Primer, written by me and published by @spritelyinst

Hope to see you there!

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Hello, it's winter where I am but I understand a lot of the world is experiencing extreme heat. As an Australian who has survived weeks of above 40C temperatures, fires, and prolonged drought I have some advice.

- In dry heat close your house. Close windows, draw blinds. Darkness is your friend. Open at night.
- Heat rises, so keep low if able - downstairs instead of upstairs.
- Use fans / aircon if you have them but prepare for possible electricity outages as demand increases.
- Damp towel over forehead.
- Drink water. Have it with you all the time.
- Stay out of the sun. Remain inside or in shade.
- Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothing if you do go out.
- Reduce activity. Rest more. Don't go jogging at midday or anything like that. Heat is physically and mentally exhausting.
- Go out if you need to in the early morning or late afternoon / after dark.
- If you can, keep kids home, & work from home.
- If it's still hot at night take a quick cool shower. Sleep is easier at 20C or below.
- Check on elderly & frail. They are vulnerable.
- Let yourself sweat. But keep up electrolytes with sports drinks or medically appropriate hydrating drinks / something like that.
- Your workplace / school should develop an extreme heat policy for health & safety.
- Don't go sight see near fires. Stay away.
- Keep a radio or access to radio stations available for advice from your emergency services / weather / news services.

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Stephan's Quintet (MIRI Image)
by James Webb Space Telescope:

Black level adjusted:

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Finally returning to 三級. It has been over ten years. Here's a little progress file I wrote up with .

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Are there any phone apps that track walking/cycling routes and allow me to export the data? I'm about to move cities and would love to have such an app to help me learn my new location.

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Just finished porting the `--diff` feature to the port of . It's way more robust than it used to be; you can actually see everything that changed over all tracked files (not just PKGBUILDs).

`--hotedit` was ported yesterday too, which means Aura's row in the "AUR Helpers" chart on the Arch Wiki can be made all green.

The new config file format of will be TOML. It's simple to understand and write. From a dev's perspective, it's also got a good first-class parser and major mode.

The `-Au` command of is now completely functional. I'm _very_ close to being able to swap out the old `aura` for the new one for all use-cases.

Tiered package building and installation finally possible in the port of !

Dependency resolution is extremely fast now.

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