I was supprised when I read the show notes and went on a hunt to see if I had missed something. Couldn't find anything so it seems fairly sudden.

Aaaand we’re back up and running. The migration is complete, but please let us know if you guys have any issues.



At approximately 13:00 BST (08:00 Eastern) tomorrow, Tuesday 16th, we will be doing a database migration that will result in around 30 minutes of downtime.

Published a guide for the Hanabi competition (and found a bug in j2static in the process 😞) - hopefully it makes sense :P.


Migration is all done - waiting on DNS to fully propagate so if you still can't access the website wait a while and it should be back :).

Comet is temporarily off-line while is is moved to a new server. Sorry for any inconvenience caused :).

It looks like lots of this years fossdem videos are already online: video.fosdem.org/2019/


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