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We have only 3 weeks till Software Freedom Day and there are already teams around the globe planning to celeberate it.

What is your plan? What will you do?

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With all the ups and downs in decades, (the kernel) has turned 30! Ever since, millions of people could get the chance to rely on free/libre and operating systems.


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Check out this new book release: "Designing Ebooks With Free Software," by Bruce Byfield! Available as a hard copy or as a free download in EPUB, MOBI, and ODT format:

Ahmad Haghighi got removed from @fedora because he was an Iranian national.

Read his article: Free Software NOT as in `free speech,` NOR as in `free beer`

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We are once again looking for your feedback!

Mike and Adam have been working together on adding a user interface for making custom stroke dash patterns and to make the dash list easier to navigate.

⬇️ Get it here for testing:

🟦 Windows:

🐧 Linux:

🍏 macOS:

Please submit your test results at

Enjoy + thanks for your help!

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Another cross-platform graphical process/system monitor in Rust. Supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. Inspired by gtop, gotop, and htop.

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has been removed from because reasons including cannot tolerate anonymous viewing and downloading of Stories which is deliberately denied by Instagram.

Welcome @flameshot to Fediverse. Glad to see more FLOSS projects using .

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is a cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, and Windows) fully :opensource: (GPLv3) software written in C++ and QT. It is feature rich, lightweight, very intuitive Graphical User Interface, highly configurable, and can also be easily used in shells scripts thanks to the Command Line Interface.

As a Free and community-driven project, we are glad to be now a member of :fosstodon: .

As always, any form of contribution is warmly welcome 🤗

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The online #opensource #uxdesign tool Penpot had its 1.7 release with great new features – I look forward resize all the things with the new constraint settings! /jd


Penpot 1.7 is out! Import to be wild 🚀

✅ Import & export Penpot files
✅ Resizing constraints
✅ Library assets management
✅ Paste components from file to file

We'd like to see your creations with our new features. Inspire us! 🤓



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🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...


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Tails 4.20 is out. 👋

It includes a complete redesign of how a user connects to and makes it now a lot easier to use bridges. With these bridges you can circumvent censorship of @torproject

What else?

updated to 2.2
This major update adds a feature to host a website accessible from a Tor onion service.

Update KeePassXC to 2.6.2
Update Tor Browser to 10.5.2.
Update Thunderbird to 78.11.0.
Update Tor to

Read the full report here:

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The French government promotes Nextcloud as a great solution for home work and remote learning. We agree, of course! will shut down in three months!

It is sad. I hope we hear good news about it soon.

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