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馃摙 The Call for Proposals for the is now open! 馃摙This year we have a new program design, new platform and more! 鉁╓e have created a guide for you to ensure you are submitting the best proposal possible! Deadline is Dec. 15!


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Ring is not your friend.

"If someone refuses to provide footage to police, all police need to do is reach out to Ring.

...officers are instructed to contact Ring and request that the captured video be preserved." vice.com/en_us/article/bjw9e8/ #amazon #surveillance

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ICYMI: New video

The #FreedomBox project was inspired by Eben Moglen's 2010 speech, "Freedom in the Cloud." We've been going ten years strong.

Last month, he delivered a new speech about freedom in the cloud. He discussed what has changed since 2010.

馃摵 WATCH: Eben Moglen: "FreedomBox Turns Ten"

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@kde update for week 9 and 10: Updates for the various applications including, Calindori, Phonebook, Plasma Settings, Kaidan and Spacebar. Read at : plasma-mobile.org/2019/12/06/P

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#Inkscape developers in France 馃嚝馃嚪 , Germany 馃嚛馃嚜 , Spain 馃嚜馃嚫 and the US 馃嚭馃嚫 are currently working to fix bugs in preparation for version 1.0 during the final day of our week-long Distributed Bugfest!

馃悳 馃悰 馃悶 馃悳 馃悰 馃悶 馃悳 馃悰 馃悶 馃悳 馃悰 馃悶

If you're curious to see which bugs have been tackled, head here: gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/c

#collaboration #opensource

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UNDER $100 GIFT IDEA: a FreedomBox home server. 馃

@olimex is offering a special holiday deal on the #FreedomBox kit: they will quadruple the memory for only 1 cent extra! Instead of 32GB, you get 128 GB storage space!

Limited quantities...馃弮鈥嶁檧锔

Details: olimex.wordpress.com/2019/11/0

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ISP's infrastructure ends where #RouterFreedom begins!

After having successfully fought for router freedom in Germany, the #FSFE now protects users' control of technology on #European level.


Support us with your donation now to help getting things right in 2020:

1. Thanks for using
2. Please add proper hashtag for related materials

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Florian Snow wrote a report about this year's #FSFE's #community #meeting during #SFScon in #Bolzano. Read about the great time we had, our talks, discussions and breakout session, the free pizza and #IloveFS:


Thanks for everyone joining!

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Looks good as a christmas present and feels good throughout the whole year: The #FSFE's #FreeSoftware #clothing


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In the last 12 months, we have achieved a lot with the help of our #volunteers, through their #donations and hard work.
Thanks to their support, we were able to successfully continue our #publiccode campaign, simplify licensing practices through our #REUSE initiative & stand up for #RouterFreedom in Europe. We will be back in 2020 with even more vigour towards our work.

Please help us with a donation so that we can continue our successful commitment to #FreeSoftware: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201911

I hope soon we see uploads its videos on a freedom respecting platform auch as

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I'm quite proud of the fact that I spent ages making the progress bars look like the book progress indicators in popular e-readers...

Cos that's mega important, right?

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Why is #Nextcloud increasingly installed in France? Our team member @oparoz will be talking about it at Paris Open Source Summit next Tuesday! Read here and find out more!

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#PinePhone hype!
We finally managed to boot into #ManjaroARM #PlasmaMobile on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

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Simple Mode for Timelines.

The experimental less clutter, more content layout will become a permanent feature in a future release!

To enable Simple Mode:
- Go to Settings
- Navigate to the Labs link
- Click on the Simple Mode (Timelines Only) checkbox
- Press the Save Changes button


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