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Philippines Community all over the world celebrated 16th anniversary of online.

I wish all the best for them and I hope next year, they choose an ethical platform for their online meetings which respects their freedom such as BigBlueButton.

- Screenshot from Ministry of Mapping

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Join to celebrate the alpha release of Akira: the Linux design tool!


Going live in 10 minutes!


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I published #Fedilab 2.37.0-beta-1.

What's new:

- Watermarks for pictures (default: disabled)
- Blur sensitive media for Pixelfed
- Put messages into drafts when replying to a deleted message
- Allow to schedule with another account

- Quick replies lose text when doing another action
- Fix refresh token (#Peertube/#Pixelfed)

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OpenStreetMap compie 16 anni. 🥳
Auguri @openstreetmap!
Fai anche tu una foto e condividi nei tuoi social con l'hashtag #OpenStreetMap16
Trovi più info qua:

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I've never knew is only 3 years younger than me. Happy birthday! 🎊

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mate-panel 1.24.1

Changes since the last release:

mate-panel 1.24.1

update translations

wncklet: Hide window preview on non-visible windows

launcher: Fix memory leaks

launcher: Fix memory leak

panel-util: Fix memory leak

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Testing watermarks with #Fedilab (the first picture has the default one, the second has a custom text).
This feature is disabled by default.

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جشن ۱۶ سالگی تولد اوپن‌استریت‌مپ در کابل

16th anniversary of #OpenStreetMap in #kabul



Today is the 16th anniversary of . How are you goind to celeberate it?

There are people around the world organizing online meetings. You may want to participate or even organize your own. Check this page:

Use this occasion to talk more about to people.

Use in social media.

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Today we're launching our new video in support of student #UserFreedom. Watch the University of Costumed Heroes and share our message to stand up for the rights of the younger generation.

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Till now, there are four events in Philippines, India, Afghanistan and Uganda registered on wiki page.

Let's celeberate 16th anniversary of together (online).


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🎉🎊🎉🎊 The 16th anniversary of is tomorrow (8th August). How would you celebrate it?

Let's inform more people about the significance of and how we can contribute into it.

Some guide and suggestion is available here:


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