With all the ups and downs in decades, (the kernel) has turned 30! Ever since, millions of people could get the chance to rely on free/libre and operating systems.


New verson of @penpot is released with lots of improvements including the option to add custom fonts.

More info: penpot.app/dev-diaries.html

is a Free/Libre and web based solution for design.

Just saw Kometa UI Kit which is a web UI kit based on but unlike tailwindcss, it restricts users from selling or sublicensing it.

Remember Source Available software is different from and

is a solution to replace Slack with. It is released under Apache license. Though it has amazing features, it is not decentralized.

Website: zulip.com

Thanks to @Brunus@framapiaf.org for talking about this app.

started 2021 by releaseing version 0.6.0. This version includes several security and bug fixes and has improved support for bidirectional text, meaning it can handle RTL and LTR text at the same time.


Plume in a Free/Libre and Open Source software for making independent network of instances which are interconnected.

In many (if not most) cases, is not an attempt to make a free alternative for some specific propietary software, but it is an innovative endivour to address the problem.

@darktable is one of the best example for such software. Instead of copying Lightroom, it has introduced such amazing set of features enabling photo editors to get the most out of their raw shots.

Well done!


Free Software Foundation has turned 35.🎉

For decades, FSF has played an substantial rule in promoting Software Freedom.

It is hard and terrifying to imagine the world without .

Viva Software Freedom, Viva FSF

Another year passed and apart from using , each one of us has some share in spreading words and contributing to betterment of it. This path is to be continued stronger than ever.

We together build our future.

Happy 🌺 📯 🎊

It is very unlikely to have in-person meetings for the . But As no giant company over last three dicades couln't stop movement, we won't let Corona virus to stop us.

Let's have online meetings over or . Talk to ordinary people who have no idea about Free Software. Also plan for collective contribution on . It can be coding, translating or even contribution to Mozilla Commons Voice.

Involve more people.

Share your ideas please.

We badly need an easy and user friendly solution for live video streaming. The good news is that is planning to implement it.

Support them for fund raising.


5.5 Released!

Named “Eckstine” in honor of Billy Eckstine, this latest and greatest version of WordPress is available for download or update in your dashboard.

More than 800 people across the world contriuted to this release.

Read more: wordpress.org/news/2020/08/eck

like many other organizations has huge resources which can be mobilized towards using and developing solution. So that it could help to achieve more sustainable and just education for all.

Change starts from some point. Better to start it ASAP.


is migrating from to , a lightweight and FLOSS forge.

You may find the new repository here: sr.ht/~cadence/bibliogram/

Bibliogram is a front-end for Instagram.

Looking for a solution for editing and managing RAW photos?

Take a look at .

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