New verson of @penpot is released with lots of improvements including the option to add custom fonts.

More info:

is a Free/Libre and web based solution for design.

Say Hi to !

WinterCMS is Free/Libre and Open Source project.It is forked from OctoberCMS by its maintainers after it turned into a proprietary software a while ago. Now it will be developed by the community, for the community again.

More information:

is a solution to replace Slack with. It is released under Apache license. Though it has amazing features, it is not decentralized.


Thanks to for talking about this app.

started 2021 by releaseing version 0.6.0. This version includes several security and bug fixes and has improved support for bidirectional text, meaning it can handle RTL and LTR text at the same time.

Plume in a Free/Libre and Open Source software for making independent network of instances which are interconnected.

On this peertube instance one can find lots of good video materials on


You may want to follow this account for getting updates:

It is for 4 years that refuses to add RTL support. This is while resolving the issue is very easy and could be done in 10 min if github front-end was a Free Software.

This is one of many reasons to leave this platform. Specially when there are much better and y solutions out in the market.

5.5 Released!

Named “Eckstine” in honor of Billy Eckstine, this latest and greatest version of WordPress is available for download or update in your dashboard.

More than 800 people across the world contriuted to this release.

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community in Iran has conducted several online programs during the pandemic. Such commitment to keep Free Software events alive during such critical situation is inspiring and deserves to be appreciated. Well done!

One can see announcement for [some of] their programs in this account:

If you know any other programs, please share with others

Are you looking for a for making 2D animations and intros? is one option. It is simple and despite being under development, it is very powerful.

Just have a look on this amazing video and see how one can make rich intro.

Thanks to the development team.

has migrated to for development and for translation.

This is disappointing to see such unethical move by leading projects. This happens while and are very much mature and even far ahead of github. For translation also is a very much capable platform.

Let's react and change their mind to remain ethical.

Due to , many educational institutes need to conduct their classes online. This is the exact time to inform them about solutions.

Try to talk to your community about solutions such as:

- for online classes or webinars
- or for video conferances

See more:


A good news for users:

plugin has added support to its recent release. If you use for designing a website with Persian, Arabic, Urdu,... languages, this feature may ease your work.

Either because of natural disasters (Earthquake or tsonami) or political disasters (such as what happend in or now in ), you may lose your connection. Before that happen, discover apps like .
Briar let you build secure connection locally with people around you for messaging or even blog posting.

I am heading to , . If you know anyonw interested in , , or , please connect us.

I used to be a professional photo editor who edited photography books using . As I introduced to idea, I stopped using any products. I stopped photo editing for three years to help myself unlearning and forgeting my habits.

Now, it seems I am ready to stand up again but with Free Software. Yesterday, I seriously started using for editing my raw photos and I was just impressed. Soon I will share why

Right after @ali_molaei presentation at tehran SFD, I started using as my password manager. Today, proudly I uninstalled Lastpass from my phone.

I hope soon its app come to .

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