30 events are registered for across the globe.

Where will you be and what will you do on this year?

We have only 3 weeks till Software Freedom Day and there are already teams around the globe planning to celeberate it.

What is your plan? What will you do?


With all the ups and downs in decades, (the kernel) has turned 30! Ever since, millions of people could get the chance to rely on free/libre and operating systems.


has been removed from because reasons including cannot tolerate anonymous viewing and downloading of Stories which is deliberately denied by Instagram.


Peertube.social will shut down in three months!

It is sad. I hope we hear good news about it soon.

New verson of @penpot is released with lots of improvements including the option to add custom fonts.

More info: penpot.app/dev-diaries.html

is a Free/Libre and web based solution for design.

Say Hi to !


WinterCMS is Free/Libre and Open Source project.It is forked from OctoberCMS by its maintainers after it turned into a proprietary software a while ago. Now it will be developed by the community, for the community again.

More information:

It is the last Wednsday or March;
It is !

Let's talk to people around and increase awareness about the importnace of moving towards storing and transmiting data in Open Formats.

Just saw Kometa UI Kit which is a web UI kit based on but unlike tailwindcss, it restricts users from selling or sublicensing it.

Remember Source Available software is different from and

is a solution to replace Slack with. It is released under Apache license. Though it has amazing features, it is not decentralized.

Website: zulip.com

Thanks to @Brunus@framapiaf.org for talking about this app.

@eff is planing an online session on "Online Censorship Beyond Trump and Parler" on February 3. Don't miss it.


But I would like to invite EFF to revise their social media activities. is missing. G+ is gone.

released its v3.0 7 hours ago. What is the top feature? LIVE STREAMING!

started 2021 by releaseing version 0.6.0. This version includes several security and bug fixes and has improved support for bidirectional text, meaning it can handle RTL and LTR text at the same time.


Plume in a Free/Libre and Open Source software for making independent network of instances which are interconnected.

Journalist Maria Ressa and Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Chris Wylie discussed about how Social Media manipulate minds and disinform the public in "Studio B: Unscripted" on Aljazeera Engish. None said a single word about Fediverse and the new way of having non-commercial Social Media.

It is not enough to condemn what is being done by Facebook and Google. FLOSS community should find a way to reach its voice to Mass Media.

Stephen Wilson had a presentation in @SeaGL conference on "The Open Digital Photography Workflow". Unfortunately he forgot to mention @pixelfed as a FLOSS friendly photo sharing platform.

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