Due to , many educational institutes need to conduct their classes online. This is the exact time to inform them about solutions.

Try to talk to your community about solutions such as:

- for online classes or webinars
- or for video conferances

See more:


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What is the experience with JitsiMeet, NextCloudTalk and BigBlueButton, if you have 20+ participants in a video conference? Is this possible? What about the the maximum number of participants possible? 100? 1000?

I have heard for NextCloud talk, you cannot have more than 10 participant if your infrastructure is not powerful. But I have seen people having meeting with around 10 participant on the official instance of Jitsi.

For online class with BBB I have no clue.


@fossasap @gerald_leppert @nextcloud hosted >10 participants using a dual-core xeon vm with 2GB Ram. I think you protest too much.
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That's also another question... Is this a hellthread? Still, take me out of it.

@gerald_leppert @fossasap @nextcloud I am planning to try Apache Openmeetings as well as BBB.

nc talk and Jitsi Meet are imho not suitable since all traffic goes p2p, so there is immense load not on the server but mainly on the clients and requires high bandwidth, esp. if you use video.

This is supposed to be fixable in nc talk by using a signaling server but I have not seen any actual success story yet.

Another issue is that mods can't force-mute participants in nc talk.

Jisti use p2p only if there is call between two parties.

Unfortunately OpenMeetings need revolution for its UI. It belongs to previous century 😜

I request you share your experience on OpenMeetings. We need to share our knowledge to be able to provide best suggestions to the public

@fossasap @nextcloud for some relatives, the school has moved to #googleclassroom
Please promote this further.

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