Despite its claim, has been proven several times to be an insecure messaging platform. The recent incident of indexing [private] groups link on search engines might be a good final reason to .

Let's take action and inform others to do the same.

@fossasap thank you. Finally I see this useful warning in English. I recommend people from WhatsApp to try #Telegram like I am using it now.

To me, Telegram is not ideal. I am more in favor of fully free and federated platforms; something on top of matrix protocol like Riot or on XMPP.

Riot is great. But is little complex for ordinary people.

@fossasap federated is not necessarily needed by people, in reality. In my case, being #freesoftware is enough and I chose to be busy being productive rather than to be busy experimenting. In my experience #Telegram (up to today) is already ideal. Go ahead with your choice and good luck!

If you be in Iran and be in situation that gvnt any day may filter a website or app, or because of sanction any say you may lose access to specific website or app, you will feel the necessity of being independent from specific server.

I still use telegram but also discover other options

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