If you have a project, please use a Free Software solution such as for translating the app, manual or documentations.

Today, I just tried to help for its Persian translation on Transifix (which is a non-free solution). It doesn't recognize numbers in other languages! Crowdin also is not much better in such cases.

Free Software community deserves to be provided Free Software solutions for their contributions.

@fossasap I was the first Telugu translator for Mastodon. I stopped contributing after they switched from Weblate to Crowdin.

#l10n #Mastodon #Weblate

So happy to hear about your commitment and so sorry to hear @Mastodon has done this.

Interesting. Is this in crowdin? Maybe a bug report might help them in the long run.

That is transifex. Earlier also I shared bad bugs in crowdin. I guess I have reported it, but I prefer to care about solutions.

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