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First colors of the future episode start to appear this morning and I couldn't resist to show you this screenshot 🤩 (speechbubbles hidden)
I still have a lot of work on the 10 pages and proofreaders work hard, but I'm confident for a release in March.
#krita #webcomic #wip

is a solution to replace Slack with. It is released under Apache license. Though it has amazing features, it is not decentralized.


Thanks to @Brunus for talking about this app.

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📢 Plausible Stats API is now live and offers a way to retrieve your stats programmatically

Take a look at the docs 👉

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This #ILoveFS day, we say "Thank you!" to the #FreeSoftware community by releasing our new #Planado tool under a #FOSS license!

It is a simple, lightweight and trivial to host scheduling and room reservation tool for the #FreeSoftware #videoconference #JitsiMeet #jitsi

➡️Developers can find the #code now at
➡️Users may test Planado live at!
➡️Read also our #blog|post about today's I Love Free Software day & Planado: 💻💚

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Free Software – It’s about much more than zero cost

"Today we’re celebrating I love Free Software Day, where we say a big thank you to the developers and maintainers of free software projects around the world. You are awesome!"

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @Framasoft - France's largest promoter of FOSS (in French)

🌟 @penpot - A new free open source prototyping and design platform

🌟 @opensciencevids - Public Domain and Creative Commons videos about science

🌟 @GrassrootsReview - Initiative supporting open academic review journals

🌟 @thelinuxexperiment - Video channel about Linux OS, Linux software, Linux phones etc.

🌟 @andabata & @andabata - Beautiful macro photos of nature

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The @libreoffice 7.1 has so many cool and good new changes 🎉 :

one of the changes that is super good to see is the new shadow which we should have it at least for 10 years, but better late than never:

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Enjoy the MyGNUHealth demo at FOSDEM? Then join Dr Luis Falcon for a #firesidechat this Friday, 12 February at 17:00 UTC. Learn all about the new app, ask questions, suggest add-ons or pitch your ideas during a nice and relaxing conversation.
Image Courtesy: Vecteezy

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Version 4.1 is live on !

This release introduces a ✨dark theme✨ . You will see this if your operating system is set to dark, or you can switch manually in Settings.

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.

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FEDIVERSE PARTY is a very interesting website demonstrating different federated networks and provides useful information and categorizes them in a very modern and intuitive way.

Are you Interested in Fediverse? Try the link below to explore.

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FOSDEM 2021 is this weekend, Feb 6-7, and we can’t wait! Make sure you stop by our booth for fun GNOME info and links and join us on chat during the conference.


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Congratulations to the VLC (VideoLAN) team on their 20th birthday! VLC is one of the most popular programs under the GPL, and has been used by millions around the world as their media player of choice.

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If you've participated in #Outreachy in the past, or you're interested in learning more about it, mark your calendars for 8 February when there will be a Twitter Chat (yes, I know!) Q&A session.

Outreachy is a great opportunity for new people to get involved in #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware, so please spread the word about both the Q&A session and the program itself!

More information:


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I decided to record my first impressions using @penpot a free software design and prototyping tool.

I was really impressed! I did not expect the level of functionality and polished user experience it has.

#LibreUX #FreeSoftware #Design #UX

@eff is planing an online session on "Online Censorship Beyond Trump and Parler" on February 3. Don't miss it.

But I would like to invite EFF to revise their social media activities. is missing. G+ is gone.

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Not sure how many people are aware of this but there is a project called Lemmy which is basically an open source federated Reddit which at least appears to care about moderation on the surface.

Its alive and in the wild too!

Here is an instance

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