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The online #opensource #uxdesign tool Penpot had its 1.7 release with great new features – I look forward resize all the things with the new constraint settings! /jd


Penpot 1.7 is out! Import to be wild 🚀

✅ Import & export Penpot files
✅ Resizing constraints
✅ Library assets management
✅ Paste components from file to file

We'd like to see your creations with our new features. Inspire us! 🤓



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🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...


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Tails 4.20 is out. 👋

It includes a complete redesign of how a user connects to and makes it now a lot easier to use bridges. With these bridges you can circumvent censorship of @torproject

What else?

updated to 2.2
This major update adds a feature to host a website accessible from a Tor onion service.

Update KeePassXC to 2.6.2
Update Tor Browser to 10.5.2.
Update Thunderbird to 78.11.0.
Update Tor to

Read the full report here:

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The French government promotes Nextcloud as a great solution for home work and remote learning. We agree, of course! will shut down in three months!

It is sad. I hope we hear good news about it soon.

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Would you like to help testing the new Alignment / Distribution snapping feature by our #GSOC student Parth Pant?

Grab the development version from here:

and share your feedback here:

#inkscape #artwithopensource #testing

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🕹️ Title: Mindustry
🦊️ What's: A libre game, mixing tower defense & sandbox factory building, reminiscent of Factorio
🔖 #linux #game #factory-sim #libre #bin #rpm #arch #snap #flatpk

🐧 Update: 7.0 Build 127.2
💼️ New features
📌️ Changes:
📖 Our entry:
🐘 From:


If anyone is good with and wants to help @darktable refine our search results with , please see

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A sad day for #FreeSoftware, #Kerala forgets its legacy in leading the world and falls for Google's 'free of cost' service.

I think we should educate teachers and general public about dangers of surveillance capitalism where you pay with your data, privacy and even at the cost of losing our political agency to big companies. #Google is providing 'Free of Cost' only because they know to make money out of people's data and has a monopoly in online ads. Would you join me?

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Flare 1.12 Release Candidate 1

"Flare is an open source, 2D action licensed under the GPL3 license. Its game play can be likened to the games in the Diablo series"

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Just tried @penpot properly for the first time, and it’s great! Made this little graphic to test it out.

Installed it locally via docker quite smoothly, and now have it humming away nicely on my machine.

I have a site redesign coming up, and I’m going to put it together using Penpot as a first full project.

I always liked the functionality of Figma, but the lack of Linux support was a point of frustration many times, not to mention Penpot is libre under MPL 2.0. Fantastic!

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Anyone have plans for #SoftwareFreedomDay ( #SFD ) this year? They just opened up registration for teams at It's a great opportunity to share the benefits of using #Free, #Libre and #OpenSource #software
( #FLOSS ) with others.

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Until 8 July projects can apply to get help by the @fsfe with adopting the #REUSE best practices and to clarify their licensing and copyright situation, so that their users and re-users have to deal less with some of the legal aspects in future. #nt

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I feel like someone at Microsoft is watching KDE Plasma a little bit too closely...

Plasma's slogan since 2017: "Simple by default, powerful when needed"

Microsoft advertising Windows 11: "Simple by default, powerful by choice"

Really? 🤔

If you are planning to celebrate this year, it is the time to register your team and event there.

Registration is open on

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